Shoesday: Portmans Evie Metal Heel Flat

Hey there BusiChic,

We’re having some fine weather here in Melbourne which makes walking, running and cycling to work a more enjoyable affair.

That said, I have something to confess to you.

Sometimes I get so excited about setting out in my walking shoes that I forget to bring the office-appropriate shoes. You know, the all important “proper” shoe to slip into once I get to work and am ready to switch from walk to work-chic! Am I the only one this has happened to? I am going to assume that I’m not-  and that like me – you  don’t have the luxury of heading home to retrieve forgotten shoes. So how do you resolve this faux-pas so that you can get on with your day?

  1. Keep a spare pair of shoes at work. Don’t make them just any old pair! A classic pair of pumps are your safest option as they will go with any outfit that you have remembered to show up to work in.
  2. Buy a new pair of shoes. Win! Well buying a new pair of shoes is usually a win but when time-pressed, the pickings can be slim! And while I usually recommend investing in quality shoes this can be difficult to do when you’re in between pay-checks or quite like all of the shoes you already have and really don’t want to divert funds from holiday or investment saving. This is where this week’s featured shoe can come in handy as they tread the line between quality material, look and price:
portmans evie metal heel flat black

The Evie Metal Heel at Portmans features nifty metal-heel detail, leather lining and retails for $59.95. It also comes in three different colours.

portmans evie metal heel flat leopard

The pointed-toe flat in leopard print.

portmans evie metal heel flat

The metal-heel flat also comes in this playful black & white pattern.

Portmans is a high-street chain that can be found in most Australian cities which means that these shoes might be within walking distance of your office!

This style is pretty versatile and will look complement a pencil skirt or work frock. Be mindful that you might need to be careful with full-length trousers – if you had them altered to be worn with heels – these heeled flats might not have enough height but if you wear tapered or culotte styles you should be good to go.


  1. Love the spotted/dotted ones! And that’s a pretty darn good price for Australian shoes. Might have to try a pair on…

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