Street style: Print dress and a cardigan

Usually when looking for a work dress, I seek out something with a sleeve and structure which often means a stiffer fabric. However that doesn’t mean that dresses in more relaxed fabrics can’t be made office-appropriate; it’s actually quite easy to do as demonstrated by today’s BusiChic.

Inspiration for those in the office when you’re not necessarily facing clients; do as Asha does by throwing on a simple cardigan. A blazer can be a little too stiff over the relaxed fabric of a frock like this but a cardigan peforms the function nicely:

Office Outfit of print dress and cardigan

ASOS Pencil Dress in Daisy Print, Glasson’s cardigan, Joanne Mercer’s black coloured ‘Brilliant Flat Shoes’ in leather (They are so comfortable!!!!!) and Collette’s black and gold flip lock tote bag

print dress and cardigan in the city

Work hair doesn’t have to be fancy or necessarily tied-back. Keep things fresh and when you need to fake it – go for the dry shampoo!

bow black flats for the commute to the office

Love grosgrain bow detail on these leather flats!

Taking five with Asha –

What’s your role? What industry do you work in?
 I’m a Business Analyst in the APS (Australian Public Service).
How do you describe your work wear style?
In all honesty, because my days can become long at times, I pursue comfort more than trendy fashion statement pieces. I like to be simple yet versatile so that if I decide to attend events or after work activities, I am still comfortable.
What are some of your go-to outfits for: 
  • Day in the office: A nice pencil dress with a coloured cardigan paired with flats or heels.
  • Important meetings: Suit skirt/pencil skirt paired with either collared shirts or coloured blouses and suit blazer on top. Again wrap this up with a nice pair of heels or flats.
  • Desk-to-drink outfit: I tend to keep my “work appropriate” outfit however just before its time to leave for drinks; to add some glam; I will add/change jackets, jewellery, make up, shoes, bags and accessories then head out to the drinks event.
Go-to labels for work wear?
Tokito, ASOS brands, Cue, Zara, and Joanne Mercer for everyday shoes
What are some of your favourite spots for lunch/coffee in the city?
Docklands has limited options in comparison to Melbourne CBD; however ‘De Mad Hatter’ here in Docklands is always my place to go for great coffee, food and friendliest staff I’ve met in the this city!


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