The coffee crew: extroverts vs introverts

In my opinion, one of the best things about work is finding “your people”. It’s easier than it sounds if you think about it; in the hiring process The Company will hire people who are a good cultural fit and will get along.

How do you know when you’ve found your people? I think it’s when you need a break from the office grind, to get a hit of caffeine; and you like someone you work with or a personal level enough to ask them to escape the office with you…

melbourne girls morning street style

Melbourne city office girls stepping out for a coffee.

Seeing groups of workers out grabbing a coffee makes me feel nostalgic. Nostalgic for the times I used to be in those crowds because truth is, I didn’t do it very much. Don’t get me wrong, I like people and I like coffee. But as an introvert, my need for a coffee during office hours was borne out of a need for me to get out and recharge my batteries… So I wonder whether people who invite others to join them to grab a coffee are extroverts – they get their energy from being around people.

Are you a social coffee-getter or less social (like me) and do you think it has anything to do with where you are on the spectrum of introversion/extroversion?




  1. Hmm, I don’t think group coffee runs have much to do with introversion or extroversion.

    I think it’s simply a way to get out of the office and have a chat. I’m an introvert though so I will only go with people that I’m comfortable having a laid back chat with. No point going with people you don’t enjoy hanging with as that’s just more “work”.

  2. I’m an introvert – A couple of peeps go out for coffee at different times during the day. We are usually in groups of 2 or three – I usually only go out with one other person and its usually to get the hell out of the office for a bit. We all lunch together inside most of the time though. Our team is pretty awesome though and I get along with everyone….but then, I would say I’m one of those ‘social introverts’ that can hang out for a bit but it will have to be mostly on my terms (selfish!???) and I tire easy!

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