Corporate style and the Pride tree

One of the things that I most love about my co-working space is being surrounded by self-starters and their work. People who have a passion and are firing ahead, guns ablazing to get their projects off the ground. There is always some event or thing springing up and adding vibrancy to the community.

The Pride Tree is a colourful thing that has popped up at the entrance of The Village. I don’t know whose initiative it is but I appreciate its message of sharing the things that we are proud of to create a positive energy in our workplace.

pride tree at nab village docklands

I loved the prints that these two have injected into their Corporate attire and how the Pride Tree adds colour to our workplace.

Pride tree pride tree messages

Whether you love your job or the life that it allows you to have, we all have things of which we can be proud.

I’m currently feeling proud that I have made it through almost a month of my husband being away and I am happy with how I have spent the time.  For the first two weeks I managed to make it to yoga or barre every day, before falling pretty ill with a virus for the rest of the month- so frustrating! One thing that I was able to stick to the whole month was the “smoothie-a-day challenge I set for myself so that I wouldn’t start the day on an empty stomach. Previously I often found that I would get to 3pm and wonder why I was so cranky only to realise that I was actually hangry because I hadn’t made time to have breakfast or lunch… Smoothies are a great way to get the day’s nutrition started and I feel like this has been a great habit I’m looking forward to taking on into March.

And I’m so proud of my wonderful new niece who was born in February and has our entire family so in love with her! And I’m also proud of a little project that I look forward to sharing with you over this month – gosh I hope you like it!

What are you feeling proud of and what are you looking forward to this month?

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