Event: Awesome Melbourne Foundation Mega Grant Pitch Party 2015

Today we pay a visit to one of my most favourite boards in Melbourne, The Awesome Foundation Melbourne, an invitation to their upcoming party and how you can get in on the action!

Have you ever felt like you should be doing something “awesome” but as you stared into your screen, at the photocopier or out the window; weren’t sure what that meant exactly?

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Just some of the currently sitting members on the Awesome Foundation board (L-R): Judy, Cameron and Sarah.

“At the time I felt like I didn’t want to be swallowed up by the corporate world and wanted a way to keep close to the ground with start-ups, to meet new people and feel like I had a finger on the pulse” shares Judy, presently the longest-serving member on the Awesome Foundation (AF) Melbourne. Cameron heard about the Foundation when he attended its 2nd Birthday Mega Grant Pitch Party and liked the idea so much that he looked into joining the board himself while Sarah first heard about the group through this very blog – long-time BusiChics may recall that I myself am a previous member.

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What is the Awesome Foundation?

AF is a board of ten individuals who each throw in $100 into a kitty to create a $1000 grant which they award each month to a project that they judge to make “awesome” happen. It is a simple and no-strings-attached process that started in Boston and now has chapters all over the world. It brings together like-minded individuals from all sorts of professions, just take a look at the current board in Melbourne which includes an an at-home dad, photographer, volunteer co-ordinator, development manager, staff from crowdfunding platform, Pozible and an Inventiologist amongst others!

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Recent projects funded by the Board include:

  • Eddie’s Backpacks to ensure that foster children have essentials they need when heading to a new foster family
  • The Melbourne Hidden Gift where a local individual has been hiding $20 around the city for other Melburnians to find and most recently
  • The first official Australian Ichthyosis Meet created by local blogger, Carly Findlay, to give adults, children and families affected by Ichthyosis the chance to meet others with this rare condition.

I found myself getting quite nostalgic when I recently visited the board during one of its monthly dinners where project applications were being shortlisted for the upcoming mega grant pitch party. Who knew that there were so many great ideas in the heads of our fellow city dwellers and how invigorating it can be to help encourage people to make their ideas a reality with the help of the monthly grant?!

awesome melbourne foundation 036

Just some of the AW Board who put in their hard-earned each month to encourage ideas and action.


Awesome Foundation Melbourne celebrates FOUR years with a mega grant pitch party

The Foundation in Melbourne turns four this year and are celebrating with a dinosaur birthday cake and a MEGA grant of $3000+ and you are invited to the party.

The Board have short-listed four applicants who on the night will pitch their idea to the party. Guests will have a token which they can place in a jar to indicate which applicant gets their vote. The applicant with the most vote will win $3000+ made up of three months worth of grants saved up by the Awesome Melbourne Foundation as well as any extra donations made directly by the public.

Go forth and make awesome happen!

Awesome Foundation Mega Grant Pitch Party
When: 7pm onwards on Friday, 27 March 2015
Venue: Pozible HQ, Collingwood
All details Buy tickets and add to the grant here.

If you are interested in joining the Board, available positions are advertised via their Facebook page. If you have an idea that you think is awesome and could use $1000 to get it going, apply for future grants here.


  1. Dang I missed it!

  2. Thanks for the reminder, Cheryl – Look forward to seeing you there (if the baby stops crying)

    • Aww hope we get the chance to meet Bonnie and see Gus again soon, Muz! Unfortunately we can’t make it to the party ourselves but will be following the evening’s events on insta 🙂

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