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Are you a morning person? I am most certainly not and while I enjoy digging into something decadent and delicious for brunch on the weekend, during the week I need quick and easy to fuel the start of my day. Ok I realise that a box of cereal is already a pretty convenient food in that they are all packaged and ready for you to pour into a bowl and just add milk. However truth be told that I’ve never met one I’ve liked enough to have every single day nor do I make the time to sit down for breakfast so enter some healthy Up and go!

jam jar smoothie up and go 057

Dressed and breakfasted!

Last month I committed to having a breakfast smoothie every single day so here’s a look at some of my favourite recipes to get me fed and out the door!

jam jar smoothie ingredients 028

The ingredients of my veggie smoothie blended with coconut water and “Brain food” green powder from Green Smoothie Co.


Each week I cut up some fruit, veg and even ginger which I store in separate zip lock bags in the freezer.

My top three mixes for the month of February were:

  • apple, beetroot, carrot and ginger + coconut water
  • banana, avocado, blueberries, spinach + almond milk
  • mango, banana, cucumber, spinach + almond milk

To be clear I use a little common sense and don’t freeze things like avocado, cucumber and spinach but find everything else froze well (and peel bananas prior to freezing!) and helped keep the resulting smoothie refreshingly cold.

I also alternated adding chia seeds, Udo’s oil, whole eggs (! but you don’t taste the egginess and it just makes the drink frothier and fluffier) or MiLA’s nut butters (Australian company making natural nut butters, I won a set from The Mama Minute) or green powders from Green Smoothie Co to help add extra nutrients and bulk to my breakfast.

food matters green smoothie shareable

The next-level in healthy quick breakfasts: the green smoothie via Food Matters.

What I learnt

Every morning for a month I would drink the breakfast smoothie within an hour of getting up either standing at the kitchen sink or transported via jam or pickle jar which I could down while waiting for the train. As a result I  was less hangry in the morning which I found made it easier to get my day started.

My tastebuds still prefer the fruity side of things rather than the greener juices I tried – I learnt pretty quickly that I do not like kale – a very popular green smoothie ingredient. I tried adding lots of pineapple to overpower the taste but that did not do the trick! Any tips on how to help make kale delicious?

During my smoothie month there was a product recall of frozen berries which meant that I started buying fresh berries and I often found I preferred to eat by the handful, rather than blending up. You are still allowed to eat (rather than drink) your fruit and veg!

In my ingredients image I’ve just sprinkled on the chia seeds on top of the smoothie but normally I’d make sure they were very well ground up in the blender along with everything else. There’s a reason why they are great to make puddings with and you don’t want that happening in your stomach- awkward!

Prior to doing this I worried about *how much mess* I’d make however I used our humble blender and found that it was easy to clean when immediately blasted with water. So easy.

If you want more information, the awesome Mel of GastronomoMel has written this helpful guide to green smoothies.

jam jar and go 046

One of my staple go-to outfits at the moment – APOM top teamed with Danii Minogue Petites for Target denim and Habbot “Hatter” shoes (you may have seen these in my trend piece on loafers) plus my smoothie-in-a-bon-maman-jam-jar – it’s French for up and go! 😉

What do you have for breakfast? Do you have a favourite breakfast smoothie recipe?

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