Shoesday: Loafers for productive people

Looking for ways to cut down on the time it takes to get dressed and out the door? The original slip-on shoe may be the solution for you.

business chic loafers for busy people post

Stylish workers I’ve photographed on the streets of Melbourne sporting various styles of loafers.

Features & Benefits

Whether you’re opting for a traditional loafer that is the descendent of the moccasin or the “dress loafer” (dressier in construction and appearance and of British origin), its key features make it THE shoe for time-poor people:

  • no shoelaces that require your manual input or to trip you over; AND
  • ease of movement – the style covers the top of the foot for a snug fit, meaning that your feet are free to move as you stride confidently through your day.

If you have ever found that the “usual” work shoe style of pumps or lace-ups have been slowing you down in your efforts to get from A to B or you need a shoe that is going to travel well through airport security, then do yourself a favour and seriously consider this style.

How to work the loafer

Want to slip-on and go? Here’s what you need to know to set yourself up with the right style of loafer:

Being a slip-on, the style is more casual and requires some caution when integrating into the work wardrobe. Start with basic black and err on the side of very-well-made; the better the quality of this casual shoe, the more it will add credibility to your comfortable work outfit whether that’s a suit, frock or denim. Note that this season the loafer is styled with cropped tailored pants which is why some gents may wish to keep the look for more casual day unless their suit pants are indeed tailored to the ankle – a molto European look!

Go barefoot (use talcum powder to help feet slip in and out) or opt for the “barely-there” sockette to achieve the look of the moment. If you are wondering where to get these, Uniqlo and your local department store or supermarket will have them in stock.

Sliding loafers into a conservative workplace? Keep the look structured and polished with a bit of a heel and point like these Rupert Sanderson loafers on net-a-porter

Sliding loafers into a conservative workplace? Keep the look structured and polished with a bit of a heel and point like these Rupert Sanderson loafers on net-a-porter – click through to see the shoe styled with a suit.

Corporate and Contemporary Business Casual workers should stick to slick leather styles. The pointier the style, the dressier the overall look although some comfort will be sacrificed the narrower you go, case in point.

habbot_hatter_black white_loafer_pair

The “Hatter” loafer by Habbot in classic monochrome will smarten up any outfit. Designed in Melbourne and made in Italy. I’ve seen these shoes in person and they are so beautiful and actually the website allows you to zoom and see this for yourself!

Business Casual and Smart Casual workers can go a little more casual by embracing the two-toned look like this Habbot style where yes the upper is monochrome but the heel is a different colour to the rest of the shoe. Blokes might like to pair this loafer with their daily denim and blazer.

Charlotte Olympia

The coverted kitty embroidered loafer in velvet by Charlotte Olympia adds a sense of well-honed luxury to Smart Casual looks.

Able to go more casual again or want to make the loafer your commute-shoe? Tod’s are the go-to for casual loafer style in a range of colours and finishes and are so comfy etc that they are found in the wardrobes of three generations of my own family!

Want to get experimental? Browse the likes of ASOS who offer more styles here for him and her in leather, velvet as well as faux-variations for those on a budget and looking for man-made alternatives.

Did you know that Michael Jackson was so into loafers that he incorporated them into his trademarks?

Slip on and go – what do you think of the loafer?

I’ll confess that in the process of researching this piece, I made a purchase – any guesses on which variation has made it into my wardrobe?

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  1. I wear the slip on type shoes AKA loafers, driving shoes.They are very nice itlain hand made leather shoes and not too dressy to wear out to the store. And they’re comfortable. I’ve just seen many gay men wearing them and already had to fight some thug lookin guy because he said my shoes were gay!!! LOL

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