Shoesday: Gorman A/W 2015

Don’t you hate it when the heel of your stiletto gets caught in a tram track or falls through a hole in a grate? It’s happened to me more than I care to admit and can be a little embarrassing when walking to a meeting with colleagues only to disappear on them mid-sentence because you’ve fallen through an otherwise very small hole in the ground!

So thank goodness then for the sturdy soles over at Gorman:

gorman square pump aw 2015

Gorman square pump features a reflective rose-gold heel.

gorman patchwork pump aw 2015

The patchwork pump is for brave creative corporates – sneak to work under a work trouser or pair with opaque stockings and smock-like frock for Smart Casual on Fridays.

gorman mod bootie

The moon bootie will keep you on stable ground – gold elastic detailing keeps feet in snugly while simultaneously adding an unexpected-but-welcome gleam to peak from the bottom of an office ensemble.

So there you have it – three different sturdy soles that are welcome alternatives to the less polished “wedge heel” and will still mitigate against the risk of falling through the cracks!

Do you choose your shoes based on the width or height of a heel? 


  1. I love Gorman shoes and they feel SO comfortable when you buy them but I have never had shoes rip my feet to pieces like they do. One pair I have a scar from wearing to a wedding! Such a shame.

    • Hi Lara, oh dear I hate it when that happens! That said these days I always break shoes in first while wearing hosiery (knee-hi sheers to be precise so there’s still a “nude” foot look) and come to think of it, Gorman always style their shoes with socks. Eep

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