Bow-Tie Wednesdays: Innovation and a Child-like approach

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A different kind of post today fuelled by the power of social media!

Has your personal style ever been inspired by a kid? Today’s post is dedicated to a team whose child-at-work-friendly policy over the school holidays turned into a workwear movement!

John and the team

What did you get up to over the school holidays? John did a stint within an Innovation team within ANZ, inspiring the team to start #BowTieWednesdays! Source: Leon Belobrov

When asked about his office style, this is what John had to say for himself – “Sometimes I come to work with my mum and I think it’s good to look your best. I like bow ties, I think they are stylish.”  And so it was while John was working a bow-tie one day when team member Leon (pictured above with John) commented on how smart John looked- then started the movement #BowTieWednesday.

“It was slow to take off at first however as most movements go people started to follow the early adopters and join in the fun” observes Darren Baird, Head of Design.


anz team

One office, so many bow-ties! It’s all a part of the fun on Wednesdays in this team! Image: Leon Belobrov

Picasso once said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” If you’re already thinking or are skeptical about whether this would work in your office, then you do need to know  that the culture of the team was an important factor in this movement. While client-serving parts of the bank need to dress more formally, the Innovation team usually has more of a casual approach to work as befits the start-up feel of their culture. In fact, dressing up is an unexpected way that this team can be cheeky and playful.

The team have found many different ways of incorporating bow-ties into their work ensembles. Men have started wearing collared shirts specifically so they can wear the bow-ties while women are able to be more experimental; popping them on over collarless tops, as bracelets, hair accessories and even worn at the waist when hooked onto belt loops.

So where does John see this movement going next?

“I had a dream that I spoke to the big boss at ANZ and he asked everyone to wear bow ties on Wednesdays. I think that would be cool. Maybe we could ask for a gold coin donation and give the money to a charity, like cancer research.”

Thanks to Jeanette Cheah for arranging this photo opportunity which I picked up after seeing her share #BowTieWednesday moments on her Twitter!

What do you think of themed dresscode days at work? Would you find it fun or even useful to know what you need to wear to work?

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  1. SUCH a cute idea — love it.

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