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Happy Friday, BusiChics!

What are you getting up to?

If you are thinking about heading to the movies, I c highly recommend Dior and I, a fashion documentary about Raf Simmon’s first collection as Head Designer at the revered House of Christian Dior. Director Frederic has created a wonderful fly-on-the-wall kind of documentary that I find I’m still thinking about in the weeks and months since I first saw the film…

raf simons dior and i Still+1

Raf Simons wears simple takes on Business Casual while working on his first Haute Couture collection for the house of Dior.

I love looking at what designers wear when they are creating collections of clothing and accessories to tempt us each season. Haute Couture is seen as the fashion’s pinnacle of creativity so I was particularly interested to see that Raf and his charming right-hand man Pieter wore while while designing and then presenting their first collection for Dior. The answer? Lots of simple outfits comprised of well-designed quality pieces like long-sleeve tees, shirts and knits (even shorts at one stage!) that allowed them to move freely as they stretched, bent and folded their arms over designs.

“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work” – Gustave Flaubert

This quote from the French writer Flaubert is one of my favourites and one I think a lot about as life gets increasingly busy… I feel it also applies to Raf and the wardrobes of many designers. Keeping their own workwear streamlined and uniform-ish so that they can pump the creativity into their work.

busichic smart casual navy cashmere jumper portrait

Channeling a little Simons although I wish I’d left my collars tucked in “à la Raf”!

The benefits of dressing à la Raf

Want to be able to wake up and throw something on without having to think too hard about it? Layering a collared shirt under a sweater is a no-brainer and can be paired with bottoms to suit your work style.

In this post I’m working a sleeveless shirt under a cashmere jumper which I’ve found had me navigating arctic chills and warm rooms alike. The hidden bonus? The dark navy hue of the jumper is surprisingly forgiving if you’re having laksa for lunch and splashes go astray!

busichic smart casual navy cashmere jumper

Smart Casual à la Raf: Trench coat I picked up in Japan, collared shirt from uniqlo, Boden cashmere jumper in navy, Dannii PETITES for Target and Bared Footwear.

What’s next for this look? I’m curious to see what a tucked collar will look like on me… and I am currently on the hunt for new glasses so I can add them to this look and change the bottoms for a pencil skirt and high heels.

busichic smart casual navy cashmere collar jumper

Ahhh the joys of having an effortless *work uniform* – thanks Raf!

What’s on high rotation in your work-robe?


  1. Emma Stirling says

    I watched the first half of this on the plane recently and can’t wait to see the end!

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