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A bit of a personal diary post as I’m finally here in Auckland, New Zealand and it’s been my first full week on the ground.

While I’ve been caught off-guard by the effects of jetlag (who knew a two-hour difference would make such a difference!?) and the usual disorientation of being in a new place, it’s been a thrilling time of discovery.

cheryl in auckland

Selfie with Auckland city and the Sky City Tower in the background.

I’ve hit the ground running through my work on Game of Rhones – a very fun wine event that is coming through to five cities across Australia and – you guessed it- New Zealand!

Many thanks to everyone who has been sending through resources and recommendations! We love our food and what better way to get to a know a city than to work through fresh and restaurant produce! One of Tim’s colleagues even gifted us some fresh feijoas from her tree – a native fruit that is like a cross between a guava and maybe a kiwi fruit. Lovely!

Working on Game of Rhones has brought me in touch with lots of incredibly friendly Kiwis and businesses, some of whom I will absolutely need to profile for you soon. But in the meantime, I can’t wait to share the first of my street style photos from Auckland! Early birds can tune into those on Sunday night to help you prepare for the week ahead!

Have you moved cities before? How did you go about finding your feet? We still need to find a place to live!

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