Stay: #ReverseReviews at The Art Series Hotel Group

Dear all business travellers AND busy people in general,

Feel like getting away from it all or travelling to Melbourne for yet ANOTHER business trip between now and 31 May?

The Art Series Hotel Group have a very fun and clever campaign called Reverse Reviews going at the moment that will turn stays in their stylish suites into ones that may have you feel like cheeky children at Christmas – well if the stay that Mr BusiChic and I had is anything to go by!

Unlike Santa who keeps a naughty-or-nice list all-year-long, The Art Series Hotel Group allow guests to opt-in to do a Reverse Review where hotel guests ask to be reviewed by hotel staff. Guests who achieve a rating of 5 stars will be awarded a free night’s stay to use in future as they so wish. Now who wouldn’t want to have that up their sleeve!?

the cullen suite

The stylish suite we stayed in at The Cullen has ample space for cooking, catching up on emails (or in my case, scheduling blog posts) and if somehow you had not noticed the WONDERFUL bed and BLACK-OUT blinds – DELICIOUS resting.

Having received more than 40 million reviews on TripAdvisor themselves, The Art Series Hotel Group, is prepared for those guests who have opted in, to be on their best behaviour. This is manifesting in lots of different ways! If you have a moment, read some of the reviews (on Facebook or on The Art Series Hotel Group website) for stories of guests who made beds or bought coffee for the night manager! Once you read the reviews, you will see how fun this whole enterprise really is 😉

On our stay, Mr BusiChic and I had finished a day of moving house (exhausting!!) and ended up checking in hours after we thought we’d be done (isn’t that always the case) but made sure that we called the hotel to let them know we were running late. Once we got to the hotel and signed up to be reviewed we discussed whether we felt more like naughty kids at Christmas or like we were going to be reviewed by a one-night paramour…

do as ned says at the cullen in melbourne

The hotel is known for its incredibly comfortably bedding and playfully invites guests to get into right into it….

busichic timrodsted thecullen reversereviews

Things that naughty kids do – follow all of the instructions, especially the cheeky ones!

evo products at the cullen in melbourne

The bathroom situation had us feeling like we needed to impress a one-night paramour! Here’s a look at some of the evo product range (our favourite!) stocked in the bathroom while we were frantically looking for something else – the toilet brush! How awkward could that have been….!

Whether signing up to be reviewed makes you feel like a naughty kid or one-night-stand (!), it undoubtedly adds a very fun dimension to an already comfortable and stylish stay. We slept soundly!

From reading the reviews left for previous guests, I noticed that a fair number had fully re-made their beds, down to the hospital-corners which is something I don’t know how to do! Here are some tips from the pros themselves:

How to make a bed with hospital corners!

If you can wrap a present you can master hospital corners!
1. The Fitted Sheet – find all four corners and work your way around the mattress fitting each corner to corner
2 The Top Sheet – Lay your top sheet over fitted sheet and pull sheet up to the top of the mattress.
3. Time To Tuck –  Tuck the sheet at the bottom of the bed under the mattress.  Take the hanging bottom side corners and tuck them in as if you were ‘wrapping a present’. 
4. Top with doona and pillows and voila the perfect bed!

Is taking all the bathroom product akin to petty theft?

Those mini-sized bottles in the bathroom can be awfully handy for us travellers (and gym go-ers! I’m not one but I have been one in the past and am still friends with some now) so I usually clear the bathroom on my way out. While I didn’t on this occassion because we were fully stocked, I had to ask the hotel whether this was a no-no:
NO if they are complimentary items for you to use you can take them home head held high.
However if you knick a few extras from our poor housekeeping staff as soon as they step away from their trollies this is highway robbery and punishable by banishment.

delightful staff at the cullen in melbourne

We loved our stay but what did the hotel staff think of us? See my review on Facebook here or on The Art Series Hotel Group website here!

Reverse Reviews are running now until 31 May 2015. 


  1. What an awesome idea! I love the concept of the “reverse-reviews”
    And I love love love that pic of you jumping on the bed ;P

    x luci

    • And the reviews themselves are so well-written – we had a good laugh!

      And I haven’t jumped on a bed like that in YEARS – SO much FUN!

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