Travel Tips: The Fundamentals of Travelling in Style

Is it just me or is life feeling incredibly hectic at the moment?

I am currently doing a lot of travel and don’t get me wrong I do love it. The opportunity to see, smell and taste new things leads to broadening the mind, ideas and opportunities. Travel is all kinds of wonderful but that said it is also incredibly tiring!

Here are my hacks for travelling in a chic and healthful manner whether you’re travelling for work or simply through life!

travel essentials

Travel essentials: Stylish walking shoes (these ones are from Habbot), inspiring book, notebook to download a busy mind, solid perfume (I like Diptique) and lipstick to freshen up!


Do your homework

You will need: a smartphone with some handy apps

Prior preparation prevents poor performance so doing your homework on your destination will make it easier for you to get from A to B. This is particularly important if you are a rushed or tired traveller and need to get from one meeting to another in the rain. In this case it helps to be prepared by having apps like UberX already downloaded to your phone which also saves you time from having to search for a local taxi number in every city you visit.

Where’s good to get coffee or a tasty feed for your budget? Every city has excellent local guides but localised apps like Broadsheet Sydney and Yelp Auckland have made it particularly easy for me to find what I need close by and both are also available in Melbourne. If you are super organised, make sure that you are following some great people on Twitter on Instagram (I find that bloggers I like are a good start) and see what venues they go to and hashtags they use to signpost things like good food.

If you are orientation-challenged like myself, load up Apple maps on the city you are going to so that even when you turn off your data roaming, you can see where you are. Handy to check whether you are walking in the right direction!

Fake it ’til you make it

You will need (100mls or less): dry shampoo, solid perfume, mouth wash
Optional extras: blow dry and shellac manicure

Jumping aboard the ol’ airbus means hours of sitting in the collective humidity of others. This is where faking cleanliness until you can get to a shower, is next to godliness, peace and comfort. I like to do any air travel with carry-on luggage only which means that I need to travel with 7kg or less of clothing and toiletries. The latter need to be in a see-through bag and containers of 100mls or less. I find that a good solid perfume helps rejuvenate the senses (and unlike my favourite essential oils, won’t leak!), mouthwash freshens the breath and dry shampoo gets rid of any travel-hair-oiliness.

For those of us with fussy hair (hello fellow-fringers!), getting a blow-wave prior to a flight means good hair when you land that can easily be zhooshed with the aforementioned dry shampoo. A manicure and pedicure completes the polished look. I recently opted for shellac for the first time and am LOVING how it’s hardy and doesn’t chip – genius!

Once you arrive at your destination, unpack and hang up your clothes so that creases can fall out and they’re ready to make you look and feel great.

Know your medicine

You will need: to listen to your body and mind

I have been feeling a little run down despite mostly getting around 9-hours sleep so I have been fantasising about consulting a health professional to get my bloods done and see what supplements I need. That said can we all agree that the best medicine is regular exercise and healthy diet? Two things that easily get thrown out the door when you are the tired traveller looking for rest and convenience but which ironically will actually give you more energy if you do them right!

And while I will continue with my incidental exercise of walking everywhere (the city streets of Sydney and Auckland are harder than any “hill climb” function I’ve come across on a treadmill or cross trainer!), it’s important to know what your limits are and when to rest. Our phones and electronic devices give us warning on battery levels before they eventually cark it – how much do we listen to the signals our body and mind give us that we’re running dangerously low?

What are your life and travel hacks for general chic and healthdom?

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