City Guide: Blow Wave at Dry and Tea, Britomart

Now that my hair is getting longer, there are few things that I like more than getting a blow wave. Here are three reasons why:

  • sitting in a comfy chair while someone gives me a scalp massage
  • a cheeky excuse to be able to catch up on gossip mags while this someone works their magic on my locks
  • the end result of a work-week full of good hair days that requires just a spritz of dry shampoo and a brush to be good to go!

One of the few things I like more than a blow wave is catching up with friends so it was a very pleasant surprise when while I was withdrawing cash from the ATM at Britomart (a recently re-invigorated precinct in Auckland city) I was given the option to print out some vouchers to use at businesses in the area, including an incredibly inviting deal of “Blow Wave & Bubbles for $70” at Dry & Tea.

dry and tea voucher britomart

The first time I used an ATM here in NZ I found that I could print out great offers like these from businesses in the area. GENIUS.

Dry & Tea is a beautiful business I’ve been delighted by here in Auckland so it’s worth telling you about it! It is a relaxing Blow Dry Bar / Tea House where you can pop in for a blow wave, braid, fringe trim or full cut and colour service. All guests are greeted with a sample of the tea of the day from T2 or Harney & Sons while waiting for service which helps to make the transition from busy day to mindful enjoyment.  And the decor of the space is quite simply gorgeous! Pairing artwork by renowned New Zealand artist Paul Hartigan with warm polished floor boards creating a look that is modern, tasteful and restorative rather than busy, loud or twee.

It’s not a style, a tea, a wave or a wash – but a moment. A moment of the utmost attention. A moment focused on you; our client, a moment of appreciation, of beauty, of delight and joy. These are the moments that lock in our memories. – from the Dry & Tea website

Founded by Louise Pilkington (also owner of one of the popular Servilles salons in NZ) who was inspired by blow wave bars in New York City before being bought by its current owners, the stylish sanctuary has three locations are conveniently located for CBD workers through throughout Auckland city. Signature blow waves start from $45NZD (around $40AUD) and fringe trims $15NZD (around $13AUD).

after shot blowwave dry and tea

Shiny hair, don’t care! Post our blow wave and bubbles at Dry & Tea.

It was lovely to be able to catch up with awesome Tresna (whose cuteness I featured on the blog back in 2013!) who was in town from a Yelp Auckland event. The bubbles and blow waves took around 45 minutes which was a delightful way to catch up at the start of a busy week of events and business travel. Also shout-out to Yujin who worked on my locks – the curls she put in progressed into some of the best full-barrel looking waves I’ve ever had. So good!

So there you have it, a fabulous little service to try out should you find yourself in Auckland or one to request to open in your city 😉

Where do you go for a blow wave?


  1. Thought I recognised that face! Yay for AKL visits.

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