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Guess what I've been thinking about?

Guess what I’ve been thinking about?

Are you the kind of person who gets sh*t done without making too much fuss? Only to find that in the process you put up with a lot of sh*t and drama from others? It’s something I’ve been thinking about particularly as we deal with the drama of relocating internationally.

OMG the drama. Usually I’m ok to simply keep my head down and keep on trucking… but recently I’ve started to think that maybe I put up with too much drama from others and that it’s time to be more firm, assertive and heck where appropriate, create some freaking drama of my own!

So when Mr. BusiChic proposed a weekend getaway to scenic (but stinky) Rotorua, a three-hour drive from Auckland and famed for its geothermal activity, I knew that I wanted to pack something a little dramatic. As Tim described it, we’d be visiting areas that looked like the surface of the moon but complete with bubbling mud pools and geysers. One of the venues on our list? A visit to Hell’s Gate.

busichic lbd hells gate drama rotorua new zealand

A visit to Hell’s Gate: here I use a LBD to add drama with to our weekend away in Rotorua famed for its geothermal activity.

How to create drama in your tourist photos

We all take tourist-y pics but how often do you find yourself marvelling at the majestic scenery but cringing at the daggy ensemble you simply threw on at the time? It has happened to me quite a bit – to the extent that I’m going the other way and turning these tourist trips into mini photoshoots. So how do you create more interesting tourist trips without creating too much drama for yourself and travelling companions? Here are my tips on creating hassle-free photogenic mementos:

  • Create an ensemble that suits the venue. Research the venues that you are visiting and see if you feel moved to create an outfit that fits the scenery. Is there something that you already have in your wardrobe? A name like Hell’s Gate evokes the thought of literally going to the gates of hell so I found myself imagining what it would look like to be touched by the darkness of a demon. We’ve seen me work a nice and professional LBD, how about a devillish one? I had this at the back of my mind when I came across this second-hand dress that I picked up on K-road – the perfect amount of temptress thigh-high split and angular straps to create the dramatic look I was going for.
  • Cover up. I got changed in the car when we arrived at our venue. There will be other tourists about so if you’re a little self-conscious (which I am -believe it or not) you may like to do as I did and throw on a long jacket/jumper/cardigan over the top to cover up while you simply take in the venue. Keep the layers simple so that you can push-the-friendship and your travelling companion can hold it easily while they are simultaneously photographing you!
  • Keep it simple. You are on holiday so make it as easy as possible to get the snaps you want with minimal disruption to your travelling companion/photographer and fellow tourists. On our way to the venue, I told Mr. BusiChic that I had brought a long a “crazy dress” that I wanted to photograph at Hell’s Gate. Once we arrived, I got changed in the bathrooms then mentally scouted the venue as I refreshed the idea that I had in mind. I took some example photos so that I could show him what I was going for. Initially I was going for something dark and brewing like the shot below but I must say that said in the end my favourite shot (above) was one that he came up with himself- so be open to your photographer’s ideas too!
Dramatic land: Bubbling mud at Hell's Gate.

Dramatic land: Bubbling mud at Hell’s Gate.

How to add drama to your workwear

Have a favourite dramatic frock that you’d like to wear to work? Here are my tips for incorporating it into say Smart Casual day -which I like approaching more creatively.

  • Take one dramatic frock. Choose wisely – LBDs and print frocks without too much fuss work well. Make sure that they won’t interfere with your workday which means that you can move in them easily etc.
  • Dress it down. Using your workwear staples. For my Smart Casual days, I like to use the creative worker’s favourite basic of breton stripes and ankle boots. Also adding a blazer adds structure to make the look more work-ish.


busichic drama LBD with amor lux breton stripes

Make a dramatic frock more work-friendly by dressing it down with your workwear staples. Here I’ve used a Breton top, opaque stockings and ankle boots.

Feeling a little too casual? A blazer adds structure to make any look a little more work-ish while rolling up sleeves will keep with the Smart Casual vibe.

Feeling a little too casual? A blazer adds structure to make any look a little more work-ish while rolling up sleeves will keep with the Smart Casual vibe.

busichic drama LBD with blazer

A blazer provides structure to make just about any look more work-appropriate.

What I’m wearing: Sportsgirl blazer | Armor Lux Breton top from The Standard Store | preloved LBD picked up from a shop closing down on K-road | Looking for new hosiery to keep you looking sleek and warm this winter? I was gifted these Berlei Revitalise Opaque Tights which feature compression technology designed to help smooth and slim legs (I feel totally sucked in! 😉 Currently the site is offering 30% off when you purchase two pairs of hosiery | Bared Footwear boots

So there you have it. This has quickly become a favourite look for me in my current role project managing a wine festival. From breakfast meetings to late night dinners, the layered look is warm as well as both both casual and dressy enough for all of the events that make up my work day. That said, I do have some work cut out with navigating the thigh-high split when jumping in and out of taxis – it’s a WIP for me!

So what do you think? Will you be adding drama to your tourist photos and your work ensembles?

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