Shoesday: Croon Shoes

Because the footpaths to success are uneven, wet and slippery.
Because these babies are a lot more OH&S-friendly than spindly high heels.
Because GLITTER!

This week’s Shoesday shoe is one for the rule breakers. The ones who are already working in creative or feel like showing some sparkle at work. In fact if I were to be the Operations Manager at Jurassic World, I’d look into at least keeping these handy – in case of emergency. More on that later because today the focus is on Shoesday!

Crooner shoes at Lady Petrova boutique

Croon shoes at Lady Petrova boutique

In case you weren’t yet aquainted, Lady Petrova is a dreamy marshmallow of a shop full of fantastical pieces that will help you bring out your inner unicorn. These shoes are a great example of that!

The Croon shoes are leather with a cushion insole created to make the wearer “feel the rhythm in each step you take, like a dance to your own song.” – Lady Petrova on the Croon Shoes

Consider using these to elevate a basic staple outfit of say a long-sleeve top, cropped trousers and a boyfriend blazer or longline coat to create an effortlessly chic but with glitter. Click your heels three times and realise that you are already right at home -making magic wherever you go with your happy feet!


  1. OH my! These are fantastic!
    I love love love your description of Lady Petrova as “a dreamy marshmallow of a shop”
    Perfect, PERFECT description 😛

    x Luci

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