Shoesday: Valentino Leather Pumps

Each Shoesday, I try to feature a pair of budget-conscious shoes because I think that we don’t have to sacrifice financial security for material goods – you know “aspire to be more rather than to have more” and all that.

However it would be negligent of me to not highlight investment-worthy numbers which are so versatile that on a cost-per-wear basis, they’ll end up being far more economical than cheaper alternatives, or dare I say it – copies.

Italian fashion house Valentino has been killing it in the ‘Chic af” category, where “a” means “as” and “f” is the f-bomb. Rudely chic, that is. The “Rockstud” style has been the flagship style, selling out everywhere:

Fancy! Personally when it comes to work shoes I like a bit of two-toned action as the light and dark means that I can match them with more things. Sometimes it can feel a bit heavy wearing all-black shoes to say a wedding but just enough lighter tone makes it alright. Enter the newest style from Valentino which features a ballet-like twist of fiercely studded straps and comes in two heel heights:

Try before you buy

What? You’d like to try out this style before you necessarily invest? Oh ok – in this situation I can appreciate a bit of try-before-you-buy by playing with an inspired-style. There are fewer sad things than finally purchasing your dream-looking shoes only to find that they do not fit your feet/stride/life like a dream. To that end, check out the Love Shop Share multistrap at Balletonet in blush and black.


  1. These shoes are very cool but not sure the investment is worth it. My friend had a pair as her bridal shoes & they didn’t even make through the day before the inner soles literally came out & left her barefoot for most of the night. Not great for the cost!

    • Oh dear that is not good to hear, your poor friend!

      I must say find that with the finer-styled shoes, particularly with stiletto heels; they are more delicate rather than hard-wearing per se. Best to carry to work in the bag they come with and wear for low impact indoors across work carpets, rather than making contact with gravel and the like.

      That said the inner soles still shouldn’t have come out – was she able to call the store to get them fixed?

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