In the Bag: PETA x Freedom of Animals VIRKIN Tote

What would you buy if you got a huge promotion? Some, after hopefully saving and investing a smart portion (have you seen our interview with accountant and “Fabulous but Broke” author Melissa Browne?) ;), will choose to splurge on a luxury item that says “I’ve made it”, “I’m worth it.”

One such luxury item is the Birkin bag made by the French house of Hermès which is famous for its mile-long waiting lists and price tag in excess of $10,000 depending on the exotic skins and hardware variations it can come in. It is named after the British actress Jane Birkin who was seated next to Hermès chief executive on a flight and lamented that she couldn’t find a large leather bag that she like. Ironically while the bag was an instant hit, Birkin herself later mentioned that she had stopped using it complaining that it was so big that she’d overfill it and then find it too heavy!

Now Birkin has asked for her name to be removed from the bag after PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) released disturbing footage showing the cruel methods behind making the accessory. However PETA are making themselves part of the solution by teaming up with Freedom of Animals (who have been called the “Céline” of ethical fashion and are well worth looking into I must say) to create an ethical alternative to the Birkin, called the “Virkin”.

Made of post consumer faux leather, vegetable-dyed and lined with organic cotton, the Virkin can carry a 13″ laptop making it a perfect option for work and travel. Retailing online for $400USD which is more about the price-range of a quality work bag and not to mention, cruelty-free. Which would you choose given the choice?

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