Trends: The smartest tech you can wear to work

It’s a rather exciting time in the tech world as we inch ever closer to the Back-to-the-Future reality of commuting en hoverboard.

However hoverboards are not available just yet so here is a look at the pieces of tech that are available for purchase.

The Apple iWatch

eva chen apple iwatch bachelor tweet

Instagram’s new Head of Fashion, then Lucky-editor Eva Chen tweeted about the Apple Watch back in March.

Oh the Apple iWatch! Hotly debated by fashionistas on its design merits (see The Cut) but adored by tech geeks the world over. This personal piece of technology combines a watch, fitness tracker, app and notifications panel – with the added novelty of designer-made bands to reflect your individual style.

Have you ever zipped from work to a ticketed event only to have to fumble through your bag to find the print-out of your tickets? I’ve seen first-hand the convenience of say rocking up and having an EventBrite QR-code pop up on the iWatch screen, allowing simple scanning and entrance. It’s so schmick, I was envious!

In the months since the launch of the iWatch I have seen varying levels of uptake: my FitBit-loving friends have generally replaced that tech with an iWatch but others alternate between the iWatch and an analog time piece depending on their mood. See more of the Apple iWatch here.

The World’s Best TRAVEL JACKET with 15 Features || BAUBAX

baubax travel jacket 15 features

BAUBAX Jackets – “The Swiss army knife of travel wear”- CNN Image: Kickstarter

This already-funded Kickstarter project has less than 48-hours to go, BAUBAX has prototyped the “best travel jacket” in four different styles, that at the time of writing, over 38,000 people had pledged to support.

Available for both men and women in sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber jacket and blazer styles, the jackets boast 15 features compelling CNN to call it “the Swiss army knife of travel wear.”

The wrinkle-free blazer is one of the styles that features a – get this – removable inflatable pillow. This travel pillow boasts 2-second inflation/one-press-deflation, making it perfect for business travellers who catch the red-eye flight to start the work day. The sizing for men’s blazers are based on Calvin Klein while Banana Republic is the model for women’s.

See the image-by-image break down of the features over on Kickstarter – which also includes genius video if you can work out how to play it subtly at work 😉

Quiksilver wet suits that look like the business


TBWA\Hakuhodo and Quiksilver present True Wetsuits to save the busy professional the time and hassle of having to change between the boardroom and beach.


The water-repellant shirt features ‘dry flight’ technology.

Back in April of this year, we were agog when we saw that genius had happened over at Quiksilver via a collaboration with TBWA\Hakuhodo. The result? The business suit that will take you from work-to-surf; shirt and all.

Made of 2mm neoprene, a technical fabric that is au-courrant in the fashion world, the suits are sharply cut and come in “office smart” and “party tuxedo” styles to ensure that your wet suit befits your workplace.

At the time, AdWeek reported that these suits were available only in Japan and only in men’s cuts; custom-made that will set you back $2,500; which is not too bad considering that what they’d save you on dry cleaning!

See more on DesignBoom– which yes, includes genius video also.

Who is the smartest and prettiest of all the reusable coffee cups?

frank green coffee cups

Frank Green SmartCup™ has been awarded for its design by Good Design.

frank green smart coffee cup in situ


Finally  a reusable coffee cup that doesn’t interfere with the taste of your coffee! And it sure is pretty too but don’t just take our word for it- the Frank Green SmartCup™ has been awarded for its design by Good Design.

Created to appeal to the design-conscious consumer who also cares for the environment, the SmartCup™ features micro-chip technology making it possible to pay for one’s coffee simply by scanning the lid which links to the CaféPay™ app. Stay tuned for updates on this!

The materials used are both stain and odour-free, BPA free and non-toxic plus dishwasher safe. Boom!

See the range at Frank Green.

Do you get excited about technology and design? What developments have you bought into already and what are you looking forward to? 



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