Swap/Restyle/Mend – Three ways to Buy Nothing New in October!

This month is Buy Nothing New month, an initiative started up in Melbourne by Tamara Di Mattina. The campaign asks us to “live more with less.” I like think of it as a “financial cleanse” of sorts as we gear up into the high consumption phases of Christmas which is less than 85 days away!!

You are allowed to buy essential items but non-essentials includes clothing, so in this post I’ll be sharing three ways to make the most of what you already have in your own wardrobes.

1. Swap

Whenever I cull my wardrobe, I re-distribute pieces to family and friends that I think will like the items. However after reading Marie Kondo’s “The Life Changing Art of Tiding Up” and realising that not everyone has space for new clothes, I realise that there might be a better way to connect clothing with someone who actually wants them – one way is a swap!

national swap day october 7 2015

Too lazy to organise a swap? Well get your tickets to the National Clothing Exchange Swap on next week in Melbourne and Sydney! This means that you can have a rustle through your wardrobe this weekend and then swap them for something new next week.

For all details, visit: www.clothingexchange.com.au

2. Re-style

Street style inspiration

I love seeing what other people are wearing to get ideas on how to re-style pieces I already have. That’s why  I started this blog!

Are you on Pinterest? I pin BusinessChic looks from the blog as well as other sites over on the BusinessChic board. I’ve created a separate board for BusinessChic Men too!

businesschic on pinterest




Have old suits you no longer wear? Donate and receive $250 off a new suit from French 83, a menswear label based here in Auckland, who founded The Restyle Project in association with Whitecliffe College of Arts & Design (NZ design school in Auckland).

The Restyle Project aims to promote a sustainable fashion future and to do so, we need to inspire our next generation of fashion designers. Therefore, we are setting up The Restyle Project Foundation to raise funds and offer a ‘international experience’ for the students to visit an organic farm to gain hands on experience in the fashion industry.

The Foundation is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to become a charitable trust.

3. Mend

There are lots of great tailors and alteration services throughout Melbourne and also in my new town of Auckland. Make a date to learn some skills so that you can mend you own clothes yourself. A handy thing to do while binge-watching NetFlix or a particularly handy skill to have in the event of a zombie apocalypse or similar!

In Melbourne, Thread Den and the CAE offer sewing classes.

In Auckland, visit Sew Love who run a series of workshops or check the calendar for a Sewcial evening where you can bring in your mending and have a drink and nibble with other sewers and menders!

But there’s something I want to buy

When you do want to buy something – add it to a shopping list. Just because you can have something – doesn’t necessarily mean that you should; or immediately. I like to keep a handwritten one because if you cannot be bothered writing it down, then maybe you don’t really need/want the item 😉

Will you be taking part in Nothing New Month? 

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