Street Style: The New Bus Stop (Albert Street)

I am a big fan of public transport because it facilitates some of my favourite things. For starters there is “incidental exercise” as getting to your nearest stop usually involves walking which can turn up into a very brisk walk to all-out sprint – if you often cut it fine as my optimistic self. Then there is the opportunity for people watching- lots of people take public transport so there’s actually a lot of opportunity to see some new faces and outfits.

However recently my bus stop changed its end point such that it is now a 16-minute walk from the last stop to get to my usual CBD destination. I find this so annoying! But as the adage goes, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” So I’m trying to see this as an opportunity to scout workers in a different part of the city.

albert street auckland reflection sky tower

A new bus stop is offering me a new perspective on Auckland city.

Entering the city from the massive hill that is Albert street here in Auckland is providing me with a different perspective of the city. The workers in the area need to descend a rather steep hill (significantly steeper than say Collins Street in Melbourne) so it didn’t surprise me that most workers in the area wear more sensible lace-ups and boots. On my first day photographing Albert street, I found it a lot more casual than those I’ve photographed in other parts of the city like the Britomart. But don’t just take my word for it, take a look through some of the stylish workers I photographed one weekday. 

street style man wears knit tie to job interview 015

street style auckland smart casual woman wears white sneakers 032
auckland street style jump suit 050

auckland street style navy and tartan 062

auckland albert street style grey tweed duster coat 071 Is your workwear influenced by the steepness of the terrain around your workplace?

See this post to see stylish workers I photographed in Auckland’s Britomart district.


  1. All pics are wonderful. Very nice post. 🙂

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