My style: In Fries We Trust

Have you defined your personal style?

Style icons, do you have one? I didn’t think I did other than “French girls” whose ability to look effortlessly chic is something that my awkwardly messy self aspires to. I don’t know about you but I am inconsistent when it comes to style. Heck, on my own wedding day I wore three different wedding dresses because as I told my commitment-phobic self, it was already enough that I was committing to my man; I would not also have to lock it down to just one style of dress. To any of you who are able to commit to one dress; I honestly salute you! How do you choose from all of the pretties!?

I have the freedom to wear anything but here’s why I choose to wear a uniform

I’ve started realising that when it comes to working from home, I do find it handy to lock things down to one style; often wearing the same favourite outfit everyday. Sure there’s a practical aspect; these days I get so excited about my creative work that I want to wear something streamlined so that I can get straight to work. Famously Barack Obama and Steve Jobs wear the same thing every day because by reducing brain power spent on decision making; they can put more attention into their work.

But if I am to don a uniform, I want to do it in style, right? Enter one of my style muses, the effortlessly chic Yasmin Sewell, fashion director, legendary buyer and co-founder of Être Cécile – a label that helps wearers feel almost parisienne!

"In fries we trust" tee as worn by Yasmin Sewell Photo: Papermachetiger

“In fries we trust” tee as worn by Yasmin Sewell Photo: Papermachetiger on instagram

I’m not usually the kind of person who lusts after an outfit that is worn by someone else because for the most part, I don’t want to look like everyone else. However I make exceptions for women like Yasmin who totally enchant me with their ability to wear things in “their own way” so that they still look like themselves, so this image went straight to my pinboard.

In Fries We Trust

I like wearing my tees oversized so as a size 8-10, I got a size medium. Made of 100% cotton it is delicious to wear and has started an obsession with seeking out other 100% cotton tshirts. And I’m enjoying wearing this tee so much I’m debating whether to get it in a size small too for days I want a smaller fit. As this was my first purchase, I signed up to the mailing list and got 10% off so that with postage and exchange rate fees, I paid around $113AUD.

How I style my tee

When working from home, my tee makes me feel fancy whether I’ve paired it with jeans or linen pants and a sneaker (PS: Vejas are on my wishlist. Just saying).

My tee makes it out to drinks with the girls – paired with a pencil skirt (I got the Carine Roitfeld x Uniqlo faux leather one that is now already reduced to $49.95 which I am rather annoyed about considering I bought it only last week! Make sure you check out my post highlighting pieces in the collection for the working girl) and heels. I also added a skinny scarf to dress it up…

In fries we trust cheryl lin rodsted siglo melbourne

Wearing the tee in the most Parisian place I know of (outside of Paris); Siglo rooftop bar in Melbourne. J’adore!


Want your own one of these tees?

Buy direct from Etre Cecile or keep an eye out at Shopbop who carry the line, offer free shipping and easy returns

What have you bought recently that you are appreciating on high-rotation in your work wardrobe?


  1. Hi Cheryl! Great post. I’m loving my m missoni dress at the moment, which I can dress up or down.
    I do love the label you have featured in this post-etre cecile and your T-shirt is divine. Very apt for Paris!

    Suzi x

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