SnapChat: Job Interview Advice + 4 Accounts to Follow


Wait isn’t that the app where people share quick pics of their bits?

Folks, the platform could be just that but it has evolved into so much more. Remember how people talked about a new generation growing up on social media and lamenting “these kids don’t realise that social media is forever”? Well that’s why Snapchat is the answer for the kids who can send temporary private messages or “stories” which last for 24-hours.

Snapchat has grown up quickly. Did you know that social media platform, Snapchat, has caught up to Facebook in terms of video traffic? Forbes has reported that both reached 8 billion DAILY video views just last month. It’s rather impressive consider that Snapchat is the new platform on the social media highway and mainly used by the younger generation who want a parent-or-grandparent-free space to you know, express themselves and connect.

Why I snap

cheryllrodsted snapchat

It took me a while to get this screenshot of my moving Snapchat profile! “CherylLRodsted” is my Username. What’s yours?

I jumped on to Snapchat last month and have found that it adds colour to the days when I work-from-home. Whenever I feel like some social interaction but not necessarily require a full-on chat, I like to pop on one of the apps funny face filters and use it to send a little “hello” video to one of my fellow freelancers. The filters both make me laugh (which lifts my spirits) and then I’m often rewarded when friends send videos back. It’s also been a nice way to share snippets of my life in Auckland and travels back to Melbourne for work and play.

How to find people to follow on Snapchat

Unlike Twitter and Instagram who have “who to follow” functionality, Snapchat only has a “Discover” function which appears to be limited to paying publishing platforms. So month I’ll be sharing accounts of interesting professionals I come across in Australia and New Zealand!


When you want to follow a new account on Snapchat you can either look them up by their account name OR use the Snapcode which I find so clever! Each Snapchat profile picture has a yellow frame with raised dots which make up the “snapcode”. When you see that someone has shared their Snapchat profile picture, simply follow these steps:

  1. Save the picture. Either take a screenshot of the Snapchat profile picture or in the case here: desktop right-hand click and “save image” mobile: push down on image and save
  2. In Snapchat, swipe down on the “ghost” to go to your profile then click “Add Friends” How to add friends on snapchat
  3. In the Add Friends menu, select “Add by Snapcode”How to add friends on snapchat via snapcode
  4. This takes you to your camera roll. Simply select the image that you saved in step 1 and Snapchat will automatically scan it then find and follow the account for you – or make fun of you if like me, you’ve tried to scan your own Snapcode 😛 snapcode scan in snapchat of own account

Snapchatters to follow this month

I recently caught up with some fabulous professionals in Melbourne and Auckland – either via Skype or in person – and interviewed them on my Snapchat.



The social media queen over at Bottle Shop Concepts – if there’s something to know about social media that is relevant to our business; Mariella is across it and sends us nice messages to get us up to speed. Also one of the most “human” humans I know, if you don’t believe me I recommend dipping into her personal writing over on Medium.

Follow SnapChat account MariellaMej

Mariella’s job interview advice:

People want to work with people that they like. So likeability is a big one.



One of my favourite things about New Zealand is the can-do attitude of Kiwis. Perlina Lau and friends are a great example of this- they were frustrated with the lack of cultural diversity on TV so they made their own. Flat3 Productions is a fantastic web series showing real-life Kiwis doing their thing; kinda like Lena Dunham’s “Girls” but instead of four white girls in NYC, three asian chicks trying to find their way in Auckland… and IMO, funnier!

Follow SnapChat account Perlina.Lau

Perlina’s job interview advice:

“Don’t waffle at the end of sentences. Just finish and stop what you’re saying. And the silence can make you seem more mature.”



Sarah and I met on Twitter back in the day when that cocktail party was in full swing. Similar to me, Sarah recently got married and relocated for her husband’s work. Follow Sarah as she works from home as a PR and social media queen and discovers her new city of Townsville as well as travel across the country. I kind of wish she would share more snaps on Barry, the barramundi who keeps their fruit and veg, growing – send Sarah a snap message if you agree!

Follow SnapChat account SarahsEmporium

Sarah’s job interview advice:

“It’s easy to get nervous in an interview so relax and SMILE!”



Follow SnapChat account AliceLines

Alice’s job interview advice:

“Be the interviewer too! Don’t forget that it’s also your opportunity to find out more about the company and people. So ask questions.”

Are you on Snapchat? What are some of your favourite accounts to follow?

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