Business Chic Travel Jackets with the Hidden Pockets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Back in September 2015, I wrote about The Smartest Tech You Can Wear to Work. One such item was the Baubax Travel Jacket which raised $9millionUSD on Kickstarter, making it the fourth highest-raising project for the crowdfunding platform. Baubax offered 15 features for its jackets which came in a sweatshirt, windbreaker, bomber jacket and blazer style. To re-cap, here are the features of the Baubax travel jackets.

BauBax: 15 Features, 1 jacket.

The Baubax Blazer

The idea was that the blazer style would be the sort of item that business travellers could wear to seamlessly move from airport travel to work. Well some five months after the promised delivery date – Baubax has finally delivered its products and I have been keeping an eye out for product reviews.

The BauBax blazer as shown on the company's site. I can't tell whether the pockets are loaded however do note the "sweatshirt/hoodie" that is actually attached to the hoodie. Oh dear...

The BauBax blazer as shown on the company’s site and during its crowdfunding campaign. It’s unclear whether the pockets are loaded however do note the “sweatshirt/hoodie” layered under the blazer is a detachable attachment…

At the time of publishing, I have found less than ten reviews of the blazer on social media platforms and they are mixed. The late delivery of the products and lack of communication from the company (outlined in this piece, “Baubax jacket delays frustrate Kickstarter backers“) has been the key factor in customer satisfaction or lack thereof.


When it comes to sizing, male blazer customers seem to be the happiest (a few females have voiced issues with sizing running small) and happier than customers who got other styles. The blazer was produced in a “Tall” variation as ordered, unlike some other styles.


In the campaign video, BauBax claimed that the blazer fabric was “wrinkle-free” and of high quality. I’ve found  reviews are mixed from being indifferent to quite unhappy like this tweet: 

baubax blazer tweet review


I haven’t found any photos or video of the jacket when the pockets are fully utilised but wonder whether it will have similar issues as other styles where it looks bulky.


And most importantly when it comes to style, the reviews tend to agree that the style and fabric is not formal enough for a workplace or stylish enough to want to wear outside of travel. A number of features are contained within the hoodie/sweatshirt that can be detached from the blazer but when attached for travel (as is the purpose!) it creates a look that is as odd and unappealling as Jerry Seinfeld’s jeans and sneakers. It does not make for a smart impression when heading to the airport lounge.

“The entire zip-on hood component is ugly and mixes casual with formal awkwardly. My girlfriend Immediately started to laugh with the hood on it… The attached sleeve gloves come right out and that’s the first thing I did since a formal Blazer looks pretty silly with built in gloves.” – Andrew on Facebook.

Another customer referred to the look as “Formal-Sporty” which sounds just as awkward.

baubax blazer review TS

A review of the Baubax blazer. Some positive points but ultimately not formal enough to wear at work. Note that the hood is detachable and the crowdfunding video shows (at 2:08) the hoodie can be removed after travel has finished.

It doesn’t sound like many of this existing customers would buy another BauBax blazer or recommend their friends to do so.

It has been interesting to read customer reviews; many of them first-time crowdfunding campaign backers. I recall in the early days of crowdfunding, backers didn’t necessarily expect the project to go ahead; the appeal was about supporting an idea. There are various reasons why successfully-funded projects may still not go ahead because of additional hurdles that the project creators did not envisage at the start; and so many companies and particularly new businesses fail all the time for this very reason. That said it has gotten me thinking about what  or whether any mechanisms can be put in place to help successful crowdfunding campaigns like BauBax deliver instantly to a global market or simply to communicate more effectively with their backers? Backers have claimed that BauBax stopped communicating with them, sometimes blocking or hiding their comments on social media.


But I digress, let’s look around for multi-pocket items that the business chic traveller will actually want to wear from flight straight to work and even beyond.

When it comes to blazers, men are usually pretty lucky in that there are often two side-pockets and at least a single inner-pocket. However this is not the standard for women where blazers often do not have pockets.

zegna travel multi pocket jacket

At the top end of the market the  Zegna Blazer features ten hidden pockets making it easy for the stylish gent to travel, work and play. The blazer is made of premium fabrics are retails for over $2000.

Unfortunately at this point in time, there does not appear to be a female equivalent of the Zegna travel coat.

Business Chic Travel: The Trench Coat

SCOTTeVEST have been making multi-pocket clothing for 16 years and have trademarked some of the technology they have created to ensure that earphones do not tangle and most importantly; that pockets don’t look bulky when loaded with phone, passports and water bottle. By the way, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to put a whole iPad or water bottle into my pocket before but I’ve noticed that this is a common feature in multi-pocket clothing land!


Most pleasantly, the SCOTTeVEST women’s trench coat looks like the kind of coat a business chic woman could wear regularly; not just for travel. The company introduced the style in 2011 and claim “reviews consistently describe the amazement you’ll feel when you fill all 18 pockets without looking bulky or feeling uncomfortable”

Now check out the features of this style:



The idea is that when going through airport security, you can take off and put the whole coat in one of the trays; removing the need to stand about to empty then re-fill pockets. The trench coat style is one of the most versatile coats to own and can be dressed up and down for work and play.  It also comes in a number of appealing colours.

SCOTTeVEST Womens Trench Colours

Furthermore SCOTTeVEST have been keeping an eye on the BauBax chain of events and are now offering a BauBax Backers Relief Program. For any unhappy BB backers, all they need to do is email to receive a 30% discount code as well as free US shipping. BusinessChic readers based in Australia who supported BauBax may wish to pair this offer with SCOTTeVEST’s international shipping sale on now until Friday to also receive 50% off shipping costs.


Regular BusiChics will know that I make the 3-4hour journey between Australia and New Zealand about once a month which I think is a perfect opportunity to create “perfect travel/work” outfits that are chic and practical from airport to hot desk. Here’s one way I’d incorporate a SCOTTeVEST trench coat into my travels:

BusinessChic travel with SCOTTeVEST

coat SCOTTeVEST Women’s Trench | shirt Witchery white shirt (that does not require dry cleaning) | trousers Filippa K from selection at swesnk Melbourne | resin bangles Dinosaur Designs blue, gold | shoes Mr W& Me 

Did you buy a BauBax blazer and have a positive or negative experience that you’d like to share? What’s your go-to business chic travel outfit? Would you find it useful to have a jacket with so many pockets; on a plane? In everyday work life?


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