Shoesday: LIAM Caesura Heel

Dear BusiChic,

Here’s a question for you. When you are waiting to meet with a client or someone who wish to impress, do you think about how you physically position yourself to make a good first impression?

At the start of my career I was told to always be standing; even if asked to “sit down and wait.” That it’s hard to make a good impression when you’re struggling to get up and shake hands; always be ready to go.

I believe that the same goes with walking away. We don’t often think of trying to get a look of our rears but should someone see the back of you, maintain the positive impression by walking away with a purposeful and efficient stride.

LIAM caesura stacked heel gold detail chic

Gold detail on this stacked heel helps to make a smart impression as you walk away. #Shoesday shoe: Caesura Heel by NZ label LIAM

LIAM caesura stacked heel gold detail

Simple from the front, glamourous touch at the back. Plus functionality to boot; the stacked heel mitigates against the risk of getting stuck in tram tracks, man-holes and pavement cracks.


The Caesura Heel by New Zealand label, LIAM, is available through sister store RUBY.

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