Street Style: Baby, I’m in frames

If you follow me on Snapchat (CherylLRodsted) you may have seen me interview the stylish people I photograph on their way to work. I ask these wonderful individuals for the details of what they’re wearing as well as what industry that they work in. Part of the idea is to make it easier for me record the details, unfortunately as Snapchat stories only last for 24-hours, sometimes I forget to actually record the details so all that we have are images…

Images that remind me just how great a good pair of glasses and sunglasses can be. I wear contact lenses exclusively; even on the three-four hour flights between Melbourne and Auckland. However the business chic folk in this line-up have demonstrated the art of good lens so well that I am well-tempted to seek out a new pair. What do you think?

Caroline works in finance Business Chic street style

Caroline was on her way to a job interview in Investment Banking when I ran after her down the street. Her shirt is past season Country Road.

Caroline works in finance Business Chic street style bag

Caroline works in finance Business Chic street style portrait

gracie taylor business chic portrait street style

Gracie’s glasses are the only ones here I manage to note down the details for, they are by NZ label Lewis Fredericks

gracie taylor business chic street style

Gracie works as a presenter and broadcaster and caught my attention with the print of her too-cute skirt; a number that she picked up in the U.S. Follow Gracie’s lead and make a fun piece work-appropriate by teaming with a plain and chic top and shoes.

gracie taylor business chic detail street style

David translator Business Chic Auckland street style portrait


David is a translator, specialising in French, and takes the opportunity to dress up for his creative role. There is so much I appreciate about David’s ensemble but do pay particular note to his use of maroon in his tie, vest, pants and socks to create a single column of colour encapsulated in a grey Zegna blazer. Superb!

Portrait of David translator Business Chic Auckland street style

Emma Telfer rides to work Business Chic


Emma Telfer rides to work Business Chic street style

Emma rides her bicycle to work in head-to-toe Melbourne black kept interesting by thoughtful layering, pleats, accessories and shoes by Margiela.

Emma Telfer Margiela shoes and socks

Emma’s shoes by Margiela are equal parts secure straps, sturdy heel and timeless style. So good!

Do you wear glasses? What about sunglasses? I’ve lost two pairs of sunglasses in the last month and need a replacement to see me through the glare of the Autumn sun; please point me in the direction of the makes and styles you like!

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