Street style: One Perfect Day

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What would your perfect work day look like or include?

For me as a freelancer where everyday is different; there is one thing that I like keeping consistent. It’s where I start with a cup of tea as I do my Morning Pages- a process from a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. Morning Pages consists of spending 15-minutes writing down all of the thoughts and emotions in your head- a stream of consciousness, what’s been annoying you- whatever comes to mind. I first heard about it from Valerie Khoo who in an interview on the Business Addict’s podcast mentions that she also uses the process to simultaneously create her to-do list. I usually hand write my pages- I feel like things flow out of my brain well that way. However this month I’ve been typing it out after I heard writer, Kelly Exeter, say in her podcast Straight & Curly (I think it’s episode 6; I’ll have to go back and check!) that in her variation, she tries to type out 750 words which may also turn into blogposts and writing ideas. By typing out my Morning Pages straight into Evernote* I’m able to easily copy and paste my Morning Pages into to-do lists or to be developed further as writing.

It’s a process that not only gets my brain started in the morning, create my to-do list and pieces of writing; it can also be a helpful self-counselling tool. I often find that I’ll write down both the small and larger things that are bugging me; and by reading over them objectively I find that I’m able to come up with solutions or feel like I can leave those things behind and or not be consumed by them anymore. In a busy world, it’s the one routine that helps me both be aware of what’s going on in my head and enables me to take control of it. I was interested to hear author and podcaster Tim Ferriss mention that he uses Morning Pages in a similar way in his interview with Alain de Botton.

My perfect day also consists of stumbling across people who give me ideas on what to wear to work. We have been having some lovely weather in Melbourne which makes it easier for me to stalk the business chic on the streets of Melbourne. So without further ado, here are some workwear looks for me and for you!

Business Chic Andrew with backpack 0854

Andrew is a Rehabilitation Consultant – Registered Psychologist and wears navy blue pants from Country Road, shirt from T.M Lewin London (online purchase), and tan/brown shoes from Zu. Backpack is Hershel Supply.

Business Chic lady in leather skirt street style 0887

Xiaoming is a stock broker whom I photographed on a non-client facing day in as she describes it “comfortable yet professional presentable” attire. Top by Satch, skirt by Seed, BaG by Prada, and Shoes from Spain

“My perfect work day will include a really productive day of meetings, pleasant conversations with clients, profitable day on the market,  quick runs at lunch time and a nice and early finish. ” – Xiaoming, stockbroker.

Business Chic Rick in blue 0876

Rick works in Government and wears cardigan and shirt from Thailand, pants from Oxford, bag from ASOS0 and ASICS sneakers – “I injured my back so having to wear runners.”

I so appreciate how Rick has co-ordinated the blue of his sneakers and cardigan which elevates the casualness of his sneakers.

Business Chic street style in little navy blue dress 0920

Kate was on her way to a client meeting when I photographed her rocking a little navy blue dress worked with blazer and point-toe flats.

Business Chic street style Man wears hat and cardigan 0877

Reza also rocks a cardigan to work, here accessorised with a hat and boots for a rockstar take on Casual Friday!

It’s the second time that I have photographed a BusiChic around Collins Square wearing a hat to work; did you see Meaghan in this post showing summery takes on workwear? The forecast shows we’ll have some warm weather this week so there may be inspiration for you there to help you start your day perfectly!

*I’m giving Evernote another go after Ewen Bell told me about how much it’s made brainstorming and record-keeping easier for him – so I have it on my laptop, iPad and phone which makes for easy synching)


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