Street Style: What’s your spark?

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And with lightning speed we are heading towards the middle of the year! Am I the only one who finds this?

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re heading towards winter which for me usually means preparing for some sort of hibernation. I’m researching teas to help me stay hydrated as the weather cools and layering up our home with warmer layers – Kiwi weatherboards while cute are also known for their notorious lack of insulation!

However humans do not actually, literally, hibernate. And while surviving arctic conditions can be exhausting, this year I’m determined to make the most of every season. But I’m also being kind to myself by working on things that I feel curious or excited about; nothing like a spark in the depths of winter, right? One small activity I picked up over the weekend is embroidery. Yes, you read that right- but trust me when you see the very contemporary work of Sarah K Benning on Etsy– I think you just might be tempted to curl up with one of her projects too!

Recently I visited Collins Square where I came across some very stylish workers whom I simply had to stop to document their outfits and I asked what they’re excited about working on right now:

First off, Jarrah, who caught my eye in her timeless Contemporary Business Wear ensemble. My default no-brainer outfit is all-black but adding in white lightens and freshens up the work wardrobe.

chic in black and white collins street style

Jarrah- Lawyer, wears Life with Bird pants, Zara top, Django and Juliet shoes, Godwin Charli blazer, Royal Republiq bag, and Bailey Nelson sunnies.

business chic in motion

Currently my favourite extra-curricular is learning choreography to Beyoncé songs with Bey Dance. The classes fit in easily with work and it’s really fun and empowering!

> busichic note: I can personally vouch for this – Bey Dance is VERY fun and such a great workout!

Long-time BusiChics will know that I am partial to dressing up on Fridays – yes, even Casual Friday. Why not use the freedom of the dresscode to wear something that you love and feel BOSS in? Check out Allan who brought IT one Friday in this light suit and vibrant shirt:

the neutral suit

Allan McColl – Project Manager, wears tailored European style cotton and linen suit, vibrant watermelon shirt, hand woven leather belt, and high gloss ox blood pinch tassel loafers.

the neutral suit portrait

What’s getting Allan out of bed right now?

“Pro boxing refereeing and judging.”

A minimal outfit has its place but this next look reminded me of all the wondrous joy that can be had by taking joy in selecting beautiful fabrics, accessories and detail to create an utterly delightful look. For work. The best.

Retro chic pearls and lace dress

Cathy is a Knowledge Lead and completely gorgeous and feminine in her retro-inspired ensemble featuring this heavenly blue dress is from Eliza J at Nordstrom. The shoes are Filippo Raphael patent leather stilettos with the little side zips.

perfect retro glasses

“I play a lot of sports – at the moment I’m getting back into swimming and competition tennis.”

smart casual on collins street

Victor, Operations Manager, wears Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, shirt by Scotch and Soda, jeans by Diesel, shoes by GJ Cleverley and sunglasses by Louis Vuitton.

smart casual pocket square

The sharp-eyed among you may recognise Victor from the first time I photographed him in this post.

What is the spark (or sparks) that are going to get you through the next few months?


Thanks to Collins Square for supporting this story.


  1. That retro style is the look I would love to flaunt.
    And that glasses are super cool!

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