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Who said that work day meals had to be boring?

Goodness knows that these days with have such variety to choose from and like our clothes they can reflect so much about what we value. Whether they function to serve a basic need (of shelter or sustenance), reflect our values and ethics (do you know who made your clothes or grew your food?) or demonstrate our tastes and status.

That’s why this month I am asking you to share your favourite dishes – whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or the snack that brightens up your work day. I will be doing this as the host of Our Growing Edge, an initiative established by NZ food blogger, Genie at Bunny Eats Design to encourage  adventure, experimentation and new experiences with food.

My Work Day Eating

To be perfectly honest, this month I have been flat-out. From travelling around the South Island (a busy holiday that involved sky diving, skiing, hiking and visiting a bunch of fabulous wineries across Central Otago and into Marlborough) to now flat-out working on bringing sexy-pinot-meets-music-festival event PinotPalooza to NZ for the first time: exciting and hectic! It is easy to mindlessly eat pre-packaged meals but I find that leaves me feeling blergh at a time I need oodles of energy! As such here is a list of my go-to resources for when I need inspiration for work meals that make me feel good, are easy to prepare and delicious!:

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  1. Green smoothies – I love this instant way of making sure I’m on my way to getting my recommended daily intake of fruit and veg. Refer to that link for my go-to recipes and resources for inspiring me with new smoothie recipes!
  2. Salad-in-a-jar: I am always on the hunt for new and novel ways of transporting my lunch to work. I was inspired by Anna Jones’ recipes and went through a phase of packing “instant noodle soup” in a jar until I broke said jar. This is why you should use a heat-proof jar rather than repurpose a pickle-jar! I forgot to warm up the glass jar under warm water before adding boiling hot water which caused the glass jar to crack, with all of my gorgeous ingredients inside of it. So sad. There is no sadness over at ALICE IN FRAMES where the excellent Ms. Z shares her favourite SALAD-IN-A-JAR recipes.
  3. Quick-stix dessert/snack: Sometimes we pop around to a friend’s for dinner and I like to try and bring something small and sweet that doesn’t compete with the meal but adds a nice touch of something sweet at the end. Chocolate-dripped strawberries are my go-to for this.  I try to make extras so that we have 2-3 to take to work as a snack. Grab two punnets of strawberries and a block of dark cooking chocolate. Usually I work on melting the chocolate while Mr. BusiChic pats the strawberries clean and dry before we grab spatulas and layer on the chocolate; I find that dipping the strawberries straight in can lead to residual liquid ruining the melted chocolate. If we are in super hurry, we coat with dessicated coconut and leave the treats to cool and set in the fridge, resting on a chopping board/plate coated with clingwrap so the chocolate doesn’t stick. Yum!
  4. Inspired dinners: I simply adore the food shows on SBS FOOD which features a wide range of recipes from ethnic cuisines. DestinationFlavour host, Adam Liaw, is a constant inspiration and I often find I click through his Instagram to find recipes on his site/cookbooks/column – in fact, Adam’s grandma’s recipe for Hainanese Chicken Rice replaced my previous favourite recipe for the dish on the SBS Food site.
  5. Easy work night dinners: Jules over at Stonesoup has a wonderful newsletter that inspires me to create easy and tasty dinners. I don’t always follow recipes and just make do with what we have at home – for example inspired by Jules’ Oozy Red Lentil ‘Risotto’ with Red Wine & Sausages , I do a really quick chickpea (tinned), kale (from the garden) and pork sausage bake with lots of fresh lemon juice and lashings of olive oil; hearty and delicious!


How to submit/share your WORK DAY EATING recipe

If you are a blogger, simply click on the button below to see WORK DAY EATING submissions from other bloggers and add your own recipe – there are already 16 excellent submissions!

Don’t have a blog? Feel free to email me your photo (use your smart phone – we’re all friends on Instagram, right?) and recipe and I will include you in the end-of-month wrap-up post that will feature all of the meals to zush up our work-week meals! I’d love to hear about what fuels your work day and also HOW do you get your yum meals to work?

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