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Dearest BusiChic,

I forgot to tell you something. Turns out that since I was last in corporate; I’ve gained almost 10kg and gone up a dress size. Blimey!

So what’s a woman to do when her wardrobe simply isn’t serving her needs? Up the exercise by going shopping- ha! Here are five things I bought recently to upsize or upgrade my work wardrobe:

1. Pants


ASOS Petite Trouser with high waist: unlike this model, I need to hide a muffin top which is best done with a high-waist like these.

Work bottoms can be the most hardworking item in the wardrobe. Buy well and they form the foundation of your whole wardrobe – pairing with various tops, coats and accessories to change up your whole look Womthroughout the week. I think it’s worth having at least two pairs of work bottoms on rotation – not only because it’s nice to have choice of a skirt or pants but to give the fabric a rest between wears.

When I find myself needing to upsize, I don’t want to spend too much because I plan on this being a temporary state! In Australia I’ll visit Sportsgirl or Target (I’m such a fan of the Dannii Minogue Petites range- so great for us shorties!), however they’re unavailable here in NZ so I got online and got this ASOS high-waisted cropped pair of pants. The high-waist means bye-bye muffin-top and I find the tailored crop works with the flat work shoes I plan to favour going forward. More on that next Shoesday!

2. Shirt


I’m lucky in that I have a lot of knitwear and blouses which are forgiving – testament to my penchant for clothing that allows me to have my cake and eat it too! That said a good shirt adds structure to a work look and there are so many great shirts out on the market now.

I have had my eye on a few oversized shirt styles for a while now but once I read about The Fable silk shirts in Peppermint magazine, I headed online and snapped up a sweet polka dot number to preppy up my work and play outfits. I will confess that this shirt is so comfortable that I didn’t feel like I had to tear it off the moment I got home – like I normally do with more structured garments. Does anyone else feel the need to shed work-structured-ness the moment they reach home? Or is it just me?!

3. Jumper


LPA Sweater: A cashmere jumper to add warmth on those chilly spring days.

It’s easy to forget how much it can rain or get chilly in the Spring time but it does. I already have a few conservative office-y knits but decided I wanted to update my workrobe with a style that was different to anything else I had and which would layer up well for work and play. So when Revolve Clothing invited me to pick a piece from their range, I knew I couldn’t go past this gorgeous chunky cashmere number by in-house label, LPA. I am thinking of wearing this off-shoulder number over a buttoned-up shirt (like the polka dot one above) for work and then pairing simply with a pencil skirt and heels for date night.

4. Coat


SCOTTeVEST Women’s Trench Coat has 18 pockets: perfect for travelling or channeling Inspector Gadget. I’ve had this for a week and still used only 6 pockets!

I am obsessed with pockets, I feel like having pockets is so empowering. I think that womenswear should have more pockets and menswear should try having less; consider it a sartorial experiment in privilege. For too long womenswear have taken out pockets to create more streamlined silhouettes and figures – which makes me sad. I think clothes can empower us and still look good. So I put my own credit card on the line and bought myself a trench coat that has 18 pockets! I picked up the SCOTTeVEST Women’s Trench Coat (that I first wrote about in this post on travel coats) in black because I want it to be a foundation piece that I can wear everyday without too many people noticing. I’ll be wearing mine unbuttoned, with the belt tied in a bow at the back and sleeves rolled up.

5. Earrings

Each to Own Earrings: Statement earrings that are bling enough to make your heart sing and yet conservative enough for Corporate.

Night Totem Drops by Each to Own: Statement earrings that are bling enough to make your heart sing and yet conservative enough for Corporate.

Statement earrings exist for pure joy which is why I feel like they ought to be seen more in the workplace. Statement earrings exist purely to make you feel amazing. They don’t care if you’re having a bad hair day or what size you are – you could be in your PJs and putting them on will make you feel a million dollars. When I wear statement earrings, they make me stand up straighter – often because mine are so big and require that space between lobe and shoulder! I can’t wait to take receipt of these babies which are bling enough to make my heart sing but also conservative enough for corporate.

What have you bought recently for need or pure pleasure?

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