Our Growing Edge, August 2016 Roundup


During the month of August, I hosted  Our Growing Edge, an initiative established by NZ food blogger, Genie at Bunny Eats Design to encourage  adventure, experimentation and new experiences with food. The reason? I’ve picked up a corporate gig that will keep me busy for the rest of the year. I love my food and while I adore eating out, I think it’s important to have a good repertoire of recipes to whip up; there’s really nothing quite like a home-cooked meal!

So I’m very excited to have a list of 20 recipes to share with you to inspire your WORK DAY EATING!



Perfect for breakfast or lunch on the go: Carrot and Jalapeño Omelette Roll

This carrot and jalapeno omelette roll is a perfect breakfast or lunch for those of us who are on the go.

Carrot and Jalapeño Omelette Roll

Vegan Cheese Toasted Sandwiches – Masala Vegan

Polenta with Baked Eggs and Chorizo




“It doesn’t matter if your co-workers love fish, zapping a fish lunch in the staff microwave is just bad manners.

I love fish, especially smoked fish but I’ve always been careful not to have bring fish to work. Smoked fish pie and fish curries – while delicious – are dishes I enjoy at restaurants or at home.

This smoked fish recipe is work-place appropriate. Because it is served cold, no one else needs to know you’re enjoying some yummy smoked fish.” – Genie at Bunny Eats Design

Fish at work | Bunny Eats Design

Sriracha Ranch Chicken Cobb Salad

Wild Rice Salad – Pretending To Adult

3-bean salad – color me veggie

Butternut squash and goats cheese salad

Beet & Peach Salad

Wraps, rolls and lunchboxes


Put some colour in your lunch – inspiration from dosirak!

“In my lunch today I have covered the rice with loads of veggies like carrots, sugar snaps, broccoli and mini corn. The meat is soy marinated beef, it is called Jangjorim and very easy to make. Maangchi has a great recipe and also some examples on how to pack it in dosirak. My version didn’t have the eggs but next time I will make them with it as they are delicious as well.” – dosirak

Colourful lunch on rice

Yellow split pea falafels in pita | missfoodfairy

Food for Dissertating: Happy Jackson Snack Boxes

Lemon Rice (South Indian Style)

Hilariously 65CityGirl took the opportunity to test out the Executive Zen Zone Lunch+Nap Promotion at her local cinema – read her post a Cinema Lunch Power Nap and then maybe you’ll be as inspired as I am to ask my local cinema to offer the same service – who hasn’t ever wanted a midday kip?!


All of these dinner options would also make excellent leftovers for lunch – win!

“Gado-Gado is a popular Indonesian dish that truly means to eat the rainbow. Full of bright colors and flavors, this salad will win you over and become a staple in your salad repertoire. Because you can get creative with the salad components, this also becomes a fridge/leftover lifesaver that you’ll actually want to eat.” – Plentiful.Tasty.Cooking

Indonesian Gado-Gado Salad

Pan-Fried Salmon Cakes & Caper-Dill Aioli

Japanese Beef & Rice Bowl – Gyudon

Lemongrass Turkey and Roasted Sweet Potato Salad


Yum! There’s such a great range of recipes here from an award-winning toastie to a plethora of healthy and sustaining salads. I also really enjoyed the introduction to blogs like dosirak who specialises in Japanese Bento/ Korean dosirak/ boxed lunches as well as Miss Food Fairy whose recipe for Yellow Split Pea Falafels in Pita, renewed my interest in dried legumes (lentils, beans and peas).

I’m looking forward to trying these recipes, what about you? Which of these recipes has taken your fancy?

I will also be sharing more of my own recipes over the coming months- I know I’ll find it handy to have a repository of easy work meal receips. If you have a recipe to share, please email me (cheryl[at]businesschic[dot]com[dot]au) or leave it in the comments below!

Thank you Genie for giving me opportunity to host! And a huge thanks to all who participated!

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