Maternity-wear for non-pregnant people

Greetings BusiChic,

Apologies for the radio silence since OCTOBER!

In my last posts I had just started a new corporate role and was excited about photographing my new colleagues and stylish workers I was coming across everyday. Instead I found that I was completely exhausted. I started each day optimistic (and did manage to get a few great photos) but was coming home SHATTERED! I was literally walking in the door, inhaling dinner then retiring to bed. Only to repeat the process again the next day and the day after. I started to worry that my prior three years of freelance life had made me so soft that I couldn’t work a full-day/week in corporate; oh the shame! So you can imagine how relieved I was when I found out that I was simply pregnant. Yay!


Oh boy! Previously I had no idea what first-trimester workers had to go through- all at the same time! There is so much change happening in your body, there is a lot to psychologically process and all the while- you need continue to focus and throw it down at work. Respect to all of you mamas out there!

This is my first pregnancy so apologies for the radio silence – I just felt I had to take the time out to process things and still hold down the day job! Now that *touch wood* things seem to going well on both fronts, over the coming weeks and months I’ll be sharing the clothing that I’m trying and testing for the office. I’d love to hear what you have found works for you too! In this first post I’m sharing the maternity clothing I have found that is SO comfortable that I think non-preggos will love them just as much too!

At 24-weeks (second trimester), this is me incorporating maternity wear into my Smart Casual wardrobe: a hidden support camisole and maternity jeans. Scroll down for details*.

1. Hidden Support Singlet

Maternity cami from Target Australia, similar styles also available at Cotton On and Bonds Australia (currently 30% off maternity!)

Do you feel the chill at work? While blokes get to wear long-line shirts and blazers, I find that the office aircon is a little too much when I’m in say a top and trousers: enter the maternity support cami. I used to wear camis underneath however the benefit with the maternity variety is that they are extra long to accommodate bump; whether it’s a cake bump or baby! Plus they feature comfortable wireless support which means I’m not dying to slingshot the support at the end of each day. So comfy that I’ve even slept in it! On a practical pregnancy-related note: I did buy on the recommendation of my cousin for its nursing benefits. Think easy access for nursing without having to expose your belly each time and considering ours will be a winter baby – this benefit alone had me sold!

2. Maternity denim

Pictured: Topshop Maternity Joni Jean also comes in Tall and Petite lengths as well as under or over-bump options. I’m wearing the under-bump Flynn style from Soon Maternity but if you need to shop around, ASOS have a large range of maternity denim and a great returns policy (i.e. free so you can buy a bunch and try from the comfort of your own home)

This actually goes for all maternity bottoms. The amount of elastic in the waistline is GLORIOUS! I had no idea that there could be so much stretch in a pair of bottoms and yet still not compromise on style or formality! That said, while I bought a pair of ASOS maternity trousers (my particular style is no longer in stock) for work very early in the piece, I don’t love them near as much as my jeans. I actually wish I’d bought these Mamalicious Tailored trousers for work instead because they have POCKETS! Mine are pocketless and it drives me nuts. Note that I did also try this style which does have pockets, but I found it needs to be paired with heels which I don’t feel stable enough to wear at the moment – thank you shifting center of gravity!

Maternity denim on the other hand has been a much more successful venture for me – I bought one pair of Soon maternity jeans and luckily enough, they fit without me even trying them on first. I bought my pre-pregnancy size 10 and while I have no idea how big I’ll get towards the end, they are currently a great fit around belly and my widening hips (woot!). I do need to get mine hemmed but for the moment, it sure feels nice to feel *normal* by being able to wear regular-looking denim.

*In addition to Target camisole and Soon Maternity jeans, I’m wearing a Sportsgirl kimono jacket, Gorman Belt, Nomadic bag and Bared Footwear shoes.


Those are my maternity wear finds so far. What did you enjoy wearing to work during your pregnancy? What would you wear if you could?

Not pregnant? I’ll also be featuring the regular fashion I come across that meets the brief of keeping workwear anything but boring so stay tuned!

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