Shoesday: Boden Two-Part Court

This Shoesday we are featuring a classic office shoe; a heel in fabulous leopard print.

The Two Part Court by Boden comes in a wide range of colours and prints which is very handy if you discover that the shape works for you! I find it difficult to resist a leopard print, consider it as versatile as the trench coat in camel; it goes with everything. Dress up a tee and jeans for brunch on the weekend of pair with a pencil skirt for an office look that is a little more dynamic than most.


Shop the look:

Speaking of dynamism I thought this week, I’d also include The Wife Drought by Annabel Crabb a book that I read some time ago now – it was released in 2014. However in light of a rather disappointing book out now, I thought it was timely to share a read that I have and continue to buy for friends in the working world. I feel like because it’s 2017, we as working women should feel like we can be interested in fashion, raising babies/fur-babies as well as building a work-life where we are respected and find fulfilment (or heck just financial independence – woot!). And I also feel like our male counterparts should be able to do the same; right down to the taking time off to raise babies/fur-babies if that’s what they want. It is not a perfect book but Crabb raises lots of good points that created good conversational prompts that have ultimately helped Mr BusiChic and I plan our future. So as I head off on maternity leave to have our first child, I’d like to share this book with you in the hope that it leads you to plan the life that you want too.

I am about to have a lot of free time and need recommendations so I can download on to my Kindle. So if you have any great reads that you recommend, please share!

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