The hashtags that govern what I wear

Just like almost everyone else on my social media feed, I began the year swept up with the #mariekondomethod which I quickly applied in order to set up my home and wardrobe fresh and joyful for the new year. So hopeful.

Then I spent the first two months of the year practically wearing activewear or the same old pieces every day. Sure I have a sticky hand/face/nosed small child and despite best efforts (unreliable trades! Water damage!) continue to live in the never-ending-renovation – however I felt that not only was I in a style rut, I was doing a disservice to all the pieces in my wardrobe that “sparked joy”. Kondo preaches treating your clothing as animate objects- and while I don’t fully follow that belief, it has made me think, what kind of person says “you make me happy” then never tries to see you again? It was time to wear my “good things’ more often, but how could I do it in a way that fitted in with my life now as a busy parent?

At the start of this year I realised that I’d been wearing activewear pretty much daily and almost everywhere…

Through clicking around on social media, I found a few hashtags that introduced me to some ideas that resonated so much that I have been allowing them to govern what I wear every day.


This one is quite simple – nothing new should come home with you unless you can picture wearing it at least 30 times. To do the calculation, I ask whether the item will go with my favourite skirt/jeans/shoes say in my “everyday mum style”, “everyday style” (aka when my sticky child is in care so I can wear some “nicer” things),  “dressy/ date night” or “workwear” category – bonus points if the item works across two or more categories. Going forward I plan to photograph myself wearing joyful pieces 30 times EACH – phew that sounds like a lot of work, which is where the next hashtag comes in.

This Feathers skirt is a relatively recent purchase that works across different categories: It works with a simple tee for every day style; a more structured trench for catching up with contacts; and with a bomber-style coat, breton stripes and sneakers for running errands before picking up child (aka #mumstyle) but also an outfit I’d happily wear out to brunch!

#10×10 challenge

Created by style blogger Lee Vosburgh of the Style Bee blog, the 10 x 10 challenge sees challengers picking out 10 pieces (clothing and shoes, excluding outerwear, accessories, sleep and activewear) to style together in 10 different ways over 10 days. Adopters document their outfits using the hashtag #10x10friends or the seasonal #spring10x10 and #fall10x10 which are great for finding weather-appropriate style inspiration. I make the challenge work for me which means my short-attention span, what activities and events I have on and weather conditions. I live in Melbourne, Australia where we pride (?) ourselves on having four-seasons-in-one-day meaning that so far I often find myself wearing 2-3 outfits per day allowing me to get through the 10-outfit challenge in the one week.

The four capsule wardrobes I’ve built for the #10x10challenge so far…


The #10x10challenge was my entrée into capsule wardrobes. After following the hashtag for a while, it’s clear that lots of sustainable fashion advocates and more specifically, minimalists adhere to creating capsule closets in a bid to minimise their closets to the bare essentials. However I don’t want to obsess over “the perfect bare essentials” and while I try to “consume responsibly” and carefully consider each new purchase, I know that I am a maximalist. I really enjoy fashion and there are lots of clever designers making beautiful things that I like to support. So rather than necessarily culling any further, my goal is to wear more of my wardrobe, more often. I am realising that in order to achieve this, I will need to introduce more than ten pieces into each weekly wardrobe capsule. So far my ten has been made up of three or four tops, three bottoms and three or four pairs of shoes (i.e. depending on number of tops). As it gets cooler here, I am thinking of more formally adding in three pieces of knitwear, a stand-alone option of a dress/jumpsuit and a dressier pair of shoes; pieces that I keep culling or not counting in a bid to keep my capsule at ten.

This Alpha60 Skirt is one of my all-time favourite pieces. It styles well for different occasions and is super comfortable to boot. Fun fact: it’s one of the few pieces that I was able to wear before, during and after pregnancy while still maintaining its shape! I’m talking about the skirt – not myself! 😀

What kind of grown-up needs social media to govern their lives? That’s a whole other post! What I do know is that this cross-section of hashtags and ideas has allowed me to throw on outfits quickly that to me also look a lot more put together and co-ordinated. I now only wear activewear for when I’m actually active, am achieving my goal of getting more wear out of my wardrobe and create outfit combinations I hadn’t thought of before. One of the unexpected bonuses is that by combining individual pieces that spark joy, I start my day feeling a little lighter, chipper and happier overall. And if you ask me, that isn’t too bad for everyday #mumstyle.

Do you have hashtags that you follow? What are the hashtags that govern you?





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