Back to work: busichic update!

Greetings BusiChic!

It’s with much delight I share the news that I’m rejoining the corporate world! Yes, after taking time out to have Busy Baby and renovate our entire home, I’m heading back to the office. More on all of that later, right now I’m busy putting in systems in place to replace the work I do at home (aka childcare, cleaning and cooking) and updating my work wardrobe.

To get ideas on what pieces I need, I’ve enjoyed re-reading this post when I interviewed former Vogue Editor-in-Chief and currently Features Editor at Harper’s Bazaar, Kirstie Clements on her book, Impressive, How to have a Stylish Career

“When it comes to work attire, Clements advocates investing in a tailored pantsuit, trench coat, white shirt, black dress, blazer, sweaters as well as a gorgeous coat “what is underneath can be absolutely basic, such as a simple sweater and a pair of pants” and a signature skirt”

After spending some time at home and getting in touch with my personal style and new life as parent to a very busy toddler, I know that I want to have injections of colour where I can sneak it in. So here we go!

Blazer: the current fashions are FULL of colourful blazers. Which is great for racewear and the very confident but potentially a bit much for the new starter in a conservative corporate office. I’m starting out with a new King of Wishful Thinking blazer in classic navy from Melbourne twins, Evie and Anna. The sisters are dedicated to making clothing that promotes equality between genders in the office, so like ones for the boys, their blazers for women also have an INTERNAL pocket. Their clothing does feature lots of gold bling which packs an extra statement that I’m worried might be a bit too flashy but the quality is SO beautiful that I’ll give this a whirl and report back.

Shirt: I’ll be honest, I did not love wearing shirts the last time I was in the corporate world. However styles have changed a lot and so has my own style; these days I feel great wearing a crisp oversized white shirt with jeans, skirts or leggings. My current favourite is a men’s tuxedo shirt I literally bought in an op shop for a costume party and now have on high rotation. It is a little OTT for the office so I have my eye on this beautiful shirt, the Margaux by Arnsdorf which from reading the reviews (anyone else LOVE reading reviews?!) I understand is great for those who like me who like to wear necklaces.

Tops: I’m relieved that a lot of my old work tops still fit and still look good. That said, I picked up a basic tee from Morrison to wear on Fridays- an elevated basic that will look smart enough at work and my necessity; slogan-free! I also found a few great tops at my local second hand store – Secondo. Consignment stores are a great option if you wish to support the secondhand market but don’t have the time or energy for a full-on hunt in an op shop. My younger self is shaking her head that I said that but that’s just where I’m at right now!

Jewellery: Pearls are having a moment and while I’ve picked up some great everyday styles at Country Road, I’m taking the opportunity to celebrate my new role with an extra special pair by local designer Yasmin Hackett. 

Signature skirt: if you see a midi-skirt that has pockets, please let me know! I am obsessed. Skirts are my favourite workwear bottoms because I don’t have to get them tailored and I wear them a lot, particularly if they have pockets. This one from Bassike has pockets but I should probably find another style to alternate with so that I’m not wearing it every day!

Trousers: I am currently trying to find the perfect work trousers for my petite self; ideally one that I can wear either with flats or a heel. I’m hoping to head to the stores to try this classic cropped style by Kuwaii or this cropped flare at Target! What work pants work for you?

Shoes: I’ve treated myself to a new pair of Bared Footwear shoes in their newer Corella style. I like that this style looks like a regular pair of pointy toe shoes but have an in-built footbed designed by a podiatrist and an ankle strap to prevent toes from “clawing”. When I visited in-store I compared with the higher Kea style before podiatrist Jim pointed out that in transitioning from my everyday flat shoes, a lower style would put less strain on my feet and ankles etc which means I’ll find it easier to be on my feet all day. So comfortable, I already have my eye on more of these shoes in either the leopard print and bottle green- a good alternative to black, perhaps?

Here I am at David Jones trying on pant suits- the department store has lots of brands all under the same roof which makes it easier to try on lots of things when you are short on time. These blazers are by Camilla and Marc and in an updated versatile fabric. On the left I’m wearing the longer-line Bailey style and on the right I wear the more tailored Dimmer blazer. In both outfits I’m wearing their Rhea cropped flare which I would need to wear with heels.

I’m going to hold off getting a full tailored pant suit for the time being – I’ve tried on some beautiful styles but just want to check first; do people still wear full matching suits? I feel like it’s either become ironic or a full fashion lewk.  Am I wrong?

So that’s what I’ve been buying – I expect future updates will come as I see how my colleagues work the corporate dress code. Let me know what you think and please share your tips on how we can run our household with both adults back in the workforce!

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