Back to work: busichic update!

Greetings BusiChic! It's with much delight I share the news that I'm rejoining the corporate world! Yes, after taking time out to have Busy Baby and renovate our entire home, I'm heading back to … [Read more...]

The hashtags that govern what I wear

Just like almost everyone else on my social media feed, I began the year swept up with the #mariekondomethod which I quickly applied in order to set up my home and wardrobe fresh and joyful for the … [Read more...]

My style: In Fries We Trust

Have you defined your personal style? Style icons, do you have one? I didn't think I did other than "French girls" whose ability to look effortlessly chic is something that my awkwardly messy self … [Read more...]

The P-word

  The P-word: Passion Did you know that the word “passion” comes from the Latin word “pati” which meant “to suffer”? It is markedly different from the definition that we apply these days as … [Read more...]

“When a wave comes, go deep.”

I had an entirely different post scheduled for today but felt the need to take a change of action for today. Is it just me or has this week felt particularly heavy? The earthquake that has … [Read more...]

Thoughts: Creativity and Business

VAMFF 2015 has been a whirlwind week of fashion, business and play. Here is a selection of photos this week as I allow the dust to settle and prepare a look at the sartorial highlights for you which … [Read more...]

Simplify and Focus your Wardrobe

It's been the first week back at work- how are you feeling about your clothes? It's a good time, while work is still relatively quiet to set up your work wardrobe so that it helps you have your most … [Read more...]

On the team

Greetings BusiChic, It's the final post for the year and while I'm running around town photographing folks so that there'll be a fresh lot of BusiChic street style inspiration for you from January … [Read more...]


Greetings BusiChic, I had a rather festive post planned for you today but have decided to postpone that to tomorrow in light of recent events in Sydney over the last 20 or so hours. Yesterday at … [Read more...]

Incognito Chic: What we can learn from Christian Grey’s wardrobe & Karl Stefanovic’s “Sexism” Experiment

Do you ever worry whether anyone will notice that you are wearing *the same thing* to work AGAIN? Well what if you could dress in such a way that no-one noticed what you wearing and that the focus … [Read more...]


Dearest BusiChic, I feel like I have some explaining to do! Apologies for not blogging earlier this week on Monday and Tuesday; I hope that it's given you time to delve into some of the longer … [Read more...]

What’s in a name? A feminist’s right to choose…

When I got married, I joked that the reason why I was adding my husband's name to the end of mine was because I'm a hoarder and appreciate any opportunity to collect things... My name... is my … [Read more...]

What have you sacrificed for your career?

Subscribers of the BusinessChic newsletter (sign up is to the right of your screen ;) )will know that over the weekend I attended a Little Girl Big Dream Master class. I will 'fess up that originally … [Read more...]

The five most annoying things to leave behind

Work. For most of us, we need to leave home to get there. Exercise, is something that we might try to do on our way, during or after the work day. This involves prior planning - packing of bags to … [Read more...]

Advice for creatives stuck in non-creative roles

Hello BusiChic, me again! There's a question that I am increasingly being asked. More than the "so what do I wear to work" line of questions, it's "so how did you go from being a creative stuck in a … [Read more...]

The BusinessChic newsletter

Gosh I can't believe that it's Friday already! Although it doesn't mean what it used to; now that I'm freelance, the weekend still means work! This weekend I'm booked to photograph people for their … [Read more...]

The search for pinstripe pants

For years I was not a fan of pinstripe pants in the office. The 80s/90s incarnation of the stripe was so often too blergh and garish; the cut of pinstripe clothing too boxy or mini for my taste - for … [Read more...]

What I’ve been up to…

Dearest BusiChics, Apologies for going MIA over the last week or so!   VAMFF 2014 I arrived back in Melbourne and slipped straight into VAMFF 2014 which I was podcasting for … [Read more...]

Langston Hues of Modest Street Fashion

This week I had the honour of meeting Detroit streetstyle fashion photographer, Langston Hues, who is travelling the world photographing for his blog and upcoming book, Modest Street … [Read more...]

Nobody tells beginners…

So 2014 is well and truly underway and if you're anything like me - frustration is already creeping in a little! Are you like me in the way that we know what we want to achieve but there's THIS GAP in … [Read more...]

The first three days

Greetings BusiChics, pardon my getting a little "Dear Diary" on you but it's day 3 of my free agent life and I've been running around town like a mad woman! Here's a little snippet of some of the … [Read more...]

How many inspirational quotes is it going to take for you to go do your thing?

Dearest BusiChic, Happy Friday, did you have a good week at work? I have some news to share with you - perhaps unsurprising for those who read my last Thought post;  I resigned from my … [Read more...]

Thoughts: What I learned at Problogger Event 2013

Greetings BusiChics! I spent this last weekend on the Gold Coast for THE bloggers' conference, ProBlogger Training Event #PBevent 2013.  PBevent was housed at QT Gold Coast, a newly-refurbished modern … [Read more...]

The engagement

  Dearest BusiChic, Over the weekend while I was fooling about in the daffodils, my boyfriend, Tim, asked me to marry him.  As you might have guessed from the picture above, I said … [Read more...]

The business fashion of Julia Gillard: Australia’s first female prime minister

  Growing up as a child in the ‘90s, I recall watching a news story where the Prime Minister’s wife, Annita Keating, was talking about Australian fashion designers and clothes that she would … [Read more...]

Five things that keep me sane

Greetings BusiChic, Happy Friday! A different sort of post today because I'm getting slammed on all fronts and figure that I can't be the only one or with year-end (for many of us) approaching … [Read more...]

The distraction of cleavage

Since she took power in the year that this blog started (that's 2010, for any new readers... ), the prime minister's sartorial work choices have been the subject of public debate and numerous … [Read more...]

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