Oh Instagram, I have to leave you by January 16

Oh Instagram, I have a conundrum. I use you to experiment with taking photos and document things, in pictures. I love how I've been able to follow creatives who don't use Twitter like Megan Hess, … [Read more...]

You’ve just got to fight your way through

Greetings you business chic thing, you! Thank you for perservering with us as we've worked to get the blog back up! I think that the gremlins have now been addressed but the downtime gave me … [Read more...]

Our right to [stylish] shoes

Greetings BusiChic, Happy Monday! I hope that I don't weigh down on you with today's post; it's a post in which I get sad about shoes. You see, I was looking at this image of the talented shopper … [Read more...]

On workwear

I attended Trampoline Day today. It's an unconference that begins with an oversized empty timetable. Attendees are invited to raise their hands to host each session. In most other conferences, the … [Read more...]

Two years of BusinessChic: a reflection

March 1, 2010. The day I started a new Real Life Job and launched BusinessChic. The site has grown in ways and most joyfully, led to treasured friendships and abundantly awesome things. It's more … [Read more...]

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