The combination

Once a gentleman has selected the cut, colour and fabric of his suit all that is left is to work out optimal combinations of shirt, tie, belt, cufflinks, socks, shoes and manbag/satchel. Richard … [Read more...]

Show me the way…

The "Smart Casual" dresscode otherwise known as "Business Casual" can be a minefield. Some interpret that "Casual Fridays" means that it's ok to wear faded weekend wear and tshirts with loud slogans … [Read more...]

Cycle Work Attire; the Outlier!

Today's BusiChic provides workwear inspiration for Creatives, Smart Casuals and at a stretch even those in Contemporary Business Wear dresscodes who cycle to work! Duncan wears shirt and pants from … [Read more...]

Suit in the sunshine

I think I recently mentioned that I usually try to blog work inspiration that is in-line with the day's weather forecast for Melbourne. However truth be told that grey days get me down so here is some … [Read more...]

Keeping it simple and smart

Today's Corporate suit demonstrates that when in doubt (or short on time!), keep it simple and smart. I think that taking the time to track down a basic but smart suit that fits well and … [Read more...]

Two pieces that make a statement

We start off this week of Business Chic with that classic two piece ensemble that workers can use to make a positive statement: the suit. While three pieces are a feasible option, two pieces are … [Read more...]

Warby Parker in Australia | One pair for me, one pair for…

Do you wear prescription glasses? Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you would do if you couldn't afford to get them? The first thing I noticed about today's business chic gent was … [Read more...]

It’s do it in a [school] dress week!

This week is the official Do it in a Dress week! It's the fundraiser for the organisation One Girl that seeks to help make life better for girls and women in Sierra Leone. Did you know that Sierra … [Read more...]

How to wear shorts to work in winter!

I find that I am often asked for my opinion on what I think people should avoid wearing to work. Personally I don't like to say 'never'. I am a firm believer that the right person with the right … [Read more...]

A timeless trench coat

Phew! After the excitement of yesterday's post on the opening of the zara store in Melbourne, we ease back into business with a look at a timeless trench coat.     Anna-Paula  trench I didn't hear … [Read more...]

The YSL from eBay

  So after a long weekend (and we hope yours was a good one!) we are back to work with a Polished ensemble that is also perfect for professional play Afterwork. David's workwear is punctuated … [Read more...]

Work chic at Camberwell Market

  Today we feature a spot of Creative chic that has classic details which can be applied to any work dresscode. Jo is chic in Melbourne's favourite shade of noir but keeps the look interesting … [Read more...]

Buying time with Helena Christensen

  The L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) finished 21 days ago. BusiChic has quite honestly been freaking out over making sure that we present our picks of the Autumn/Winter 2011 Business … [Read more...]

Jacketless suit

  The workplace dresscode for gents, "Contemporary Business Wear", usually means a suit without the jacket and shirt without the tie. While we have heard of workplaces with "no jackets on the … [Read more...]

Lady in the laneway

  My home city of Melbourne is well-loved for its laneways and I am one of those under the charm. Many thanks to today's Creative BusiChic who let me lead her down a Melbourne laneway so we … [Read more...]

Updated ~ LMFF The Spirit of the Black Dress

Dean Drieberg's Polished Creative style has featured on BusiChic once before but this time we also shine the spotlight on his work. Dean wore a number of hats during LMFF - one of which included … [Read more...]

LMFF Trunk Show: Jack London Autumn/Winter 2011

Jack London is the Australian menswear label created by Karl Bartl and which we have found is very popular with BusiChicizens; many a Jack London piece makes it into BusiChic ensembles! As such we … [Read more...]

BusinessChicTV on YouTube: LMFF dancers & Helena Christensen

Did you know that Business Chic is on YouTube? Well we most certainly are; filming interviews with the BusiChicizens we photograph but also bringing you BusiChic inspiration for work and play. Much … [Read more...]

LMFF Industry Forum: e-tail detail

It might be the end of the working week but our coverage of LMFF 2011 has really only just begun. Today we feature the Creative Contemporary Business Wear style we spotted at one of LMFF's industry … [Read more...]

Forever New Autumn/Winter 2011

Forever New is an Australian fashion brand that showed its Autumn/Winter 2011 collections, "Enchanted Princess" and Bohemian Rhapsody" in a Sidewalk Parade; the first free event for L'Oréal Melbourne … [Read more...]

#LMFF BusiChic Outfit Post: Pecha Kucha

Hi BusiChicizens, L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) is upon us and I'm going to do my darndest to bring you the BusiChic I spot during the festival. So to make this possible, first up you're … [Read more...]

#LMFF New Media/Bloggers Briefing

March 14-20, the L'Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) is almost upon us! In this weekend edition of Business Chic, we bring you images and BusinessChicTV footage we took at the festival's … [Read more...]

Red in boots

It's officially Autumn in the southern hemisphere and with a forecasted partly cloudy day with a top temperature of 21C, Melbourne's weather sure already feels like it! Today we feature the cosy and … [Read more...]

A Polished Peplum

Business Chic is a big fan of peplum; detail which adds flair to workwear. Don't forget to check out today's episode of BusinessChicTV where today's featuree shares her summer chic on the last day of … [Read more...]

Business Casual in style

  Termed Smart Casual in Australia or Business Casual in the northern hemisphere, this category for workwear can lead to confusion so as a clarification, here's a duo who show how to go … [Read more...]

Savers ~ Mill Park Launch

Savers is a for-profit second-hand store that is quite popular with students in Australia. As uni students, Business Chic was no exception. As such we were excited when we were invited to the launch … [Read more...]

Summer shorts

Today we feature a lovely take on a woman's business suit for summer; shorts! We like how today's featured Business Chicizen has pulled her Polished Creative look together from a variety of sources. … [Read more...]

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