Business Chic Street Style in Japan

Greetings BusiChics, Apologies for not posting last Friday. We had a death in the family and I found myself flying back and forth to start a life in a new country, then to return home and be with … [Read more...]

The Business Chic Man – Shibuya

The Autumn Menswear shows are currently taking place which reminded me of one of the most business chic men I know. It can be difficult for men and I think particularly within the Australian … [Read more...]

Grey, lime green, peach, navy and tan in a business suit

Just another Japanese man rocking his workwear consisting of a brave combination of pinstripes and bold colour - check out the lime green tie! Back home in Australia I've seen guys try … [Read more...]

Checks, lines, man bag and perfect grooming in Ometesando

The men stand about real nice in Japan. Check out this guy I found waiting about in Ometesando, Tokyo. I love the patterns in this well-groomed man's ensemble: the square pattern of his blazer, … [Read more...]

Grey jacket, navy pants | Shibuya

A look that I admire among the business chic men of Japan - contrasting suit and trousers as demonstrated by this bearded Brit I found in Shibuya: … [Read more...]

The wait | Ometesando

Classic outfits paired with great hair - how stylish are these business chic workers I spied on the streets of Ometesando in Tokyo?! … [Read more...]

10 trench coats as photographed in Japan

I've been sharing individual images of business chic street style that I took on the streets of Japan last month, however thought it was time to dedicate a whole post to just one item because if you … [Read more...]

Man wears white pants | Japan

Following on from my earlier aversion to white skirts (quashed by this lass), I also had one against white pants that was quashed after seeing how this gent makes it work- It is so daring and … [Read more...]

The business chic couple, Shibuya

His pin-stripes and glasses, her skirt; both their sharp hair styles and work bags- lots to love in this business chic couple. … [Read more...]

Transparent umbrella and bicycle, Tokyo

Compared with my home-country of Australia, Japan is an incredibly bike-friendly city. Every where we went, we saw cyclers of all ages sharing foot-paths and roads, interchangeably, with … [Read more...]

White skirt, Shibuya

Want to wear a white skirt to work? Take inspiration from today's business chic woman whom I photographed in Shibuya, Japan. Her white skirt and shoes are made kawaii (meaning "cute") by … [Read more...]

Slate-green coat, rosette ribbon brooch in Ometesando

Following on from the first of the street style photo I took in Japan featuring a business chic man in a camouflage jacket, here's a busichic woman wearing a similarly casual jacket in a creative take … [Read more...]

Camouflage jacket, Shibuya

It has occurred to me that perhaps I should simply start sharing the street style photos I took during my honeymoon in Japan. This busichic gentleman got me thinking about the jackets that can … [Read more...]

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