The $99 Suit: Target for the Races

The Spring Racing Carnival is on in Melbourne and it's one of the prettiest events on the social calendar when carparks, ladies and gents alike get all fancy for what is a fun day of peope-watching … [Read more...]

When a well-rounded man is a well-dressed one

Style and what we wear has traditionally been seen as a frivolous frippery that belongs to the domain of women. However in more recent times - say the last five years - or so it can be seen that men … [Read more...]

Celebrity style: David Beckham, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

This week, David Beckham attended a photocall at Google HQ in London to celebrate 10 years as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and announce the creation of 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund to protect … [Read more...]

Tom Riley & Frank of P.Johnson

Following on my list of my favourite podcasts which yes sneakily included my own, Melbourne in Fashion podcast, that I co-host with the awesome Meagan Harding, we've had some trouble uploading our … [Read more...]

The Business Chic Man – Shibuya

The Autumn Menswear shows are currently taking place which reminded me of one of the most business chic men I know. It can be difficult for men and I think particularly within the Australian … [Read more...]

Is a man in your life doing Movember?

Dearest BusiChic, There's something that I've been struggling whether to write about and share with you. And it's about my husband. And my brother. Two blokes I love dearly. (Can you see how … [Read more...]

Emporio Armani opening at Emporium Melbourne

EMPORIO ARMANI has opened its first menswear store in Melbourne and Business Chic was among the first to get to experience the high-end offering at Emporium Melbourne. … [Read more...]

James Banham in dapper blue

The Spring Racing Carnival is just around the corner which means that guys and girls alike are preening and polishing to make sure that they are race-course-ready. However throughout the year I … [Read more...]

Bow tie, Martin Place

Bow ties are old-school. These days they are saved for black-tie events and weddings; having fallen out of favour in the corporate workplace some time ago. That said, I feel like they could make … [Read more...]

Surviving winter in the Docklands

I'm working from the Docklands where the wind gets so strong that it blows you in the opposite direction! Needless to say it's the kind of wind that pierces through all layers, making my street style … [Read more...]

The best dressed teams at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

In case you haven't heard about the unrest it has created amongst its own people; the FIFA 2014 World Cup in Brazil is here. It will be dominating conversations in and outside of work so don't fight … [Read more...]

Grey, lime green, peach, navy and tan in a business suit

Just another Japanese man rocking his workwear consisting of a brave combination of pinstripes and bold colour - check out the lime green tie! Back home in Australia I've seen guys try … [Read more...]

Grey jacket, navy pants | Shibuya

A look that I admire among the business chic men of Japan - contrasting suit and trousers as demonstrated by this bearded Brit I found in Shibuya: … [Read more...]

Man wears white pants | Japan

Following on from my earlier aversion to white skirts (quashed by this lass), I also had one against white pants that was quashed after seeing how this gent makes it work- It is so daring and … [Read more...]

The business chic couple, Shibuya

His pin-stripes and glasses, her skirt; both their sharp hair styles and work bags- lots to love in this business chic couple. … [Read more...]

Transparent umbrella and bicycle, Tokyo

Compared with my home-country of Australia, Japan is an incredibly bike-friendly city. Every where we went, we saw cyclers of all ages sharing foot-paths and roads, interchangeably, with … [Read more...]

Camouflage jacket, Shibuya

It has occurred to me that perhaps I should simply start sharing the street style photos I took during my honeymoon in Japan. This busichic gentleman got me thinking about the jackets that can … [Read more...]

MIF: VAMFF CEO Graeme Lewsey

Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing my side-project with you that will be getting a little extra special over the month of March! My co-host, Meagan Harding, and I are very excited that, … [Read more...]

Making time for conversation at work

Mondays for me are about conversation with people in the office. It's about sharing what we got up to over the weekend which can lead to finding a common interest or two  or similarly, the lack … [Read more...]

The suit wrapped in a puffer vest

Greetings BusiChic! It's July 1 today which means that we, in the southern hemisphere, are slap-bang in the middle of winter. I'm a keen user of Instagram where I came across the style of Adam … [Read more...]

Business Chic Interview: Entrepreneur Michael Fox at Shoes of Prey

Greetings  BusoChico, Welcome to the mid-week spot of workwear inspiration! Following on from Monday's interview with Jodie Fox of online custom-shoe-designer-retailer, Shoes of Prey and … [Read more...]

Framed at Bailey Nelson

Greetings BusiChic, Have you heard about Bailey Nelson? Purveyors of stylish prescription glasses, named after classic writers, that can be all yours WITH prescription for $95? They also sell … [Read more...]

Spotlight: Pierrick Boyer of Le Petit Gateau

Greetings BusiChic,   Quelle catastrophe! I'm not showing you a picture of the Little Black Dress today because I shall be revealing it next week when my LMFF exhibition launches at Melbourne … [Read more...]

A suit on a bike: Melbourne Bike Share En Masse 2012

Hi there BusiChic, Some of you will be familiar with my personal interest in cycling. I very sadly missed the Melbourne Tweed Ride that was held over the weekend because I was moving house. However … [Read more...]

The Shirtmaker

Greetings BusiChic! If you are based in Melbourne like I am, I hope that you've had a fabulous long Cup weekend! I went away myself and have just realised that Monday's post did not go up; so thank … [Read more...]

The Bike Gallery, Camberwell

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to Monday! I was considering doing a post about Mondayitis and sharing all of the motivational images I've been collecting only to figure that you've probably seen them … [Read more...]

Who said Smart Casual had to be blue?

Greetings, BusiChic - BAM it's Friday!   Michael's full ensemble is cleverly sourced from various second-hand shops which goes to show that you don't need to spend a packet to … [Read more...]

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