The Undercut, Docklands

It's been a very busy week at BusiChic HQ so a quick post today highlighting the importance of a great hair cut. Do you wear a uniform to work? Whether it's issued by work or self-created, make it … [Read more...]

What I’m wearing: Print shirts

There are a lot of changes I've made to my work wear style since going freelance- one of which is that I'm now wearing a wider variety of print shirts. That's right, I've gone from being a a person … [Read more...]

Making the Pledge: Beautiful Lengths Program

Today marks the first day of my freelance/blogging life. It is also the start of the inaugural Pantene National Donate Your Hair Week. Some background first: I have been growing out my hair for … [Read more...]

A turn at the train crossing

BusinessChic - does the daily dose of workwear inspiration work as well without my usual comments on the little details that catch my eye? I'm experimenting with some new platforms to improve … [Read more...]

The Man Who Gave Me Flowers

  Today's BusiChic inspiration brought such a smile to my face and joy in my heart. I was driving up a busy road, when I noticed a sprightly elder gentleman plucking flowers from his … [Read more...]

Guest Post | Ask The Beauty Hunter ~ Busy Men

Melinda from Beauty Hunter returns with this post for business chic blokes, jam-packed with advice and recommended products for achieving high marks in polished grooming! How does an ordinary bloke … [Read more...]

Guest Post | Ask The Beauty Hunter: Working Girl

I'm interested in skincare and cosmetics that work well in the office so I like to ask business chic ladies and gents what products work for them. Recently I've been on the look out myself for beauty … [Read more...]

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