Sydney Street Style: Creative First Day

What did you wear to your first day at work? At your first job? At your first "serious" job? At your next job when you were entering a senior role? I was in Sydney earlier this month and came … [Read more...]

Business Casual in Media and Advertising

A bit more formal than Smart Casual but distinctly more casual than Contemporary Business Wear, lies "Business Casual". Enter Fauzia who gets the dresscode right by incorporating a block-colour … [Read more...]

Alicia Hannah Naomi in sneakers

Long-time BusiChics may recall the time I photographed blogger, Sea of Ghost's blogger aka Alicia Hannah Naomi, at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. Well it feels like a lifetime since I last saw … [Read more...]

Samantha Choudhury of Samah Designs

Regular BusiChics may recall the Samah Designs Zellije Moroccan Star Earrings that I am obsessed with. Well I caught up with the talented lady behind Samah Designs who works by day in local government … [Read more...]

A Poppy in Full Bloom

Springtime is in full-swing! The golden weekend which just passed, generally providing some well-earnt respite from that drawn-out winter chill. Congratulations to those of you who participated in the … [Read more...]

Behind-the-Scenes of a Fashion Week

Fashion week. No matter what city you may be in, it would be very hard to happen without the small army of people behind it. Today I feature only three types of the many roles involved. There's the … [Read more...]

Set Free @Alexi..

11.59am  Dear All,  My retail dream has come true. As an auditor, I once got excited that I was going to have a look at Country Road... however looking at the books was not quite what I had in … [Read more...]

@busichic @ALEXIFREEMAN @melbournes_gpo

If you didn't get the Facebook update or the tweet -  Australian fashion design talent, ALEXIFREEMAN has invited me to use his space to work on - please do pop in for a visit! - … [Read more...]


amuse-bouche  [amyzbuʃ] or amuse-gueule [amyzɡœl] is a single, bite-sized hors d’œuvre.[1] Amuse-bouche are different from appetizers in that they are not ordered from a menu by patrons, but, when … [Read more...]

Get Independent – LMFF-style !

Ladies & Gentlemen, I hope you enjoy this BusinessChic coverage of the L’Oréal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) Independent Parade because I certainly had a lot of fun in the making...!  I have … [Read more...]

False start; fun time..

Dear reader, after a fair amount of much ado... Friday night did not go quite the way any Cinderella-wannabe might have expected.. That said, new friends were made, fun times were had and in the end … [Read more...]

BusiChic is going to LMFF – Runway7

Dear readers... for those who didn't see my giddy tweet today- The fashion fairy-god-mothers have heeded my call and granted me media accreditation for L’Oréal Paris Runway 7 ! Now to get to … [Read more...]

Fashion & the Law – LMFF event

  So... I thought it'd be a great idea to attend the LMFF Fashion & the Law breakfast (yay food!) held at Middletons this morning (yay lawyers??)... when I got up at 6am it seemed like a … [Read more...]

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