On workwear

I attended Trampoline Day today. It's an unconference that begins with an oversized empty timetable. Attendees are invited to raise their hands to host each session. In most other conferences, the … [Read more...]

Just breathe

I started off this blog with the intention of keeping workwear inspired. Since the majority of workers seem to work 9-5, five days a week, I made this blog, daily - Business Chic ~ hard at work when … [Read more...]


Q: "#GoNiftyGo is catchy- but ?!" A:  Neville is a role model for a new generation of workers who are looking to make work and life, balance. Have you seen the film Mr. Holland's Opus? The story … [Read more...]

Now presenting…

A little tribute today to some news presenters whose presentation style I admire! Lee Lin Chin  Lee-Lin Chin I have been a long-time admirer of Lee-Lin Chin, who is in so many ways a … [Read more...]

The [BC] Godfather… (nice one, not like the movie..)

So while the fashion fairy-god-mothers, Melissa Shoes and a host of wonderful people I've met on the BusinessChic/Destination90s journey, work on getting me to LMFF Runway 7... ..Here is a … [Read more...]

By way of introduction…

Many thanks to those who have emailed me feedback on my first entries on BusinessChic.com.au - I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts and hope you keep it up! Creating this site has … [Read more...]

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