What I’m reading

How is your August going? It's a rather busy month for me as I work on Pinot Palooza - an event that we are bringing to five cities across Australia and for the first time - Auckland! It's a fun way … [Read more...]

Reading: Career stories, Career Women and Working Girls | Garance Dore

BusiChic weekend series where I share my business chic reading from around the internet, books, magazines, newspapers and blogs! Long-time readers may recall my excitement when I met one of my … [Read more...]

Six Business Chic officewear reads – offline and online

The start of the year is my favourite because it's the time when magazines and online stores publish their back-to-work guides. In the first BusiChic newsletter that I emailed to subscribers last … [Read more...]

Book review: Design Your Home with Shaynna Blaze

Dearest BusiChic, I remember hearing about a talk that the clever Kate Vandermeer of The SuperCool once gave about the influence of fashion not only on our clothes but on interior design. So it has … [Read more...]

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