Press & Update: Creative Women’s Circle + One Girl

Greetings BusiChic, Thank you for visiting and please bear with me, I hope that you understand - I'm crazy busy working on the LBD Project Book and exhibition that is launching next week! Add that … [Read more...]

Stream of consciousness when scouting for business chic street style

Ever wondered what goes throught the mind of a streetstyle snapper? Inspired by this post by my friend Julia Hughan, in today's post I share my stream of consciousness when scouting stylish … [Read more...]

Public Transport Style at Awesome Party

Happy Monday, BusiChic! Today's workwear inspiration is a uniform that has not been seen on the streets of Melbourne for some time: that of the old tram conductor! My dear friend Adam, whose Smart … [Read more...]

Put a pin on it!

Another photo today from the Sustainable Living Festivals H-art campaign - activities of which seem to be popping up in media outlets all over town! I like Gizelle's creative take on … [Read more...]

Who gives a H-art?

Happy Valentine's Day, BusiChic! If you're feeling sceptical about my salutation then please, read on. First off some context: I get as excited about Valentine's Day as the old Scrooge did about … [Read more...]

In the Press: Awesome Squared

Hey BusiChic, Are you one of those types who would like to connect and engage with interesting folk, come across more great ideas and help support awesome projects get off the ground? Well … [Read more...]

Awesome2: Daniel Wearne

Each day this week, I am introducing a member of the second Awesome Melbourne Foundation Board. We each have day-jobs doing this, that and the other but meet monthly to give a $1000 grant to an … [Read more...]

The mo’ bro

Last year I captured three business blokes sporting Movember mustasches , this year it's Jesse who is representing BusiChic bros donning mo's for great causes supporting our … [Read more...]

Dine on the Wild Side – George Calombaris & Friends

As someone who is passionate about food and causes, there are few things I enjoy more than a good fundraiser. Last night through my work with the organisation, I attended a fundraising dinner for Zoos … [Read more...]

It’s do it in a [school] dress week!

This week is the official Do it in a Dress week! It's the fundraiser for the organisation One Girl that seeks to help make life better for girls and women in Sierra Leone. Did you know that Sierra … [Read more...]

We Don’t Care | The Fashion Fund Market at Federation Square | September 24

A group of Generation Ys have start up a not-for-profit group called, We Don't Care (WDC) Inc. The aim of the group is to engage fellow youths to plan and execute events to benefit local charities. I … [Read more...]

Do It In A Dress – I’m doing it!

Do it in a [school] dress Dearest BusiChic, Regular readers of BusinessChic may recall that I photographed some folks to raise awareness about One Girl Org's Do it in a Dress campaign. One … [Read more...]

The babe Cadel, the White Mouse and the Awesome Foundation

It's my Friday off from my Real Life Job* today and I've packed it with good things. Today I'll be out scouting streetstyle, advising companies on how to enhance their visual branding (just drop me a … [Read more...]

Fashion Supports Tracky Dack Day

TLC for Kids is an Australian charity which supports children undergoing treatment in hospital. One of the many activities they have to help get some normalecy into the daily routine of procedures, is … [Read more...]

Mission 65 Fashion event

Last week, Business Chic attended Mission 65 Fashion ~ a celebration of Prahran Mission's 65 years of serving the community and fundraiser which displayed the talents of Australian designers and … [Read more...]

Mission 65 ~ Prahran Mission fundraiser

Business Chic likes to support events with flair and substance which is why we're taking a look at Mission 65 Fashion - an event where those in Melbourne's fashion industry are getting together to … [Read more...]

Blog For Good / SOS Japan

In this second weekend edition of BusiChic, we feature bloggers who are using their blogs and social media presence for good. Last week we featured the work of the Melbourne Twitter Festival; using … [Read more...]

What Jane Says & the Melbourne Twitter Festival

A special post of BusiChic to focus on a great cause and the style of a Twitterer; Jane! Jane sports a summer Contemporary Business Wear ensemble with smart dashes of creativity. One of the wonderful … [Read more...]

1000 £ bend: Poet-in-residence

Greetings BusiChicizen! In this weekend edition of Business Chic, I  shine the spotlight on 1000 £ bend's poet-in-residence, Sophie Curzon-Siggers. Those of you who follow my tweets will know … [Read more...]

Do you have a dollar?

In this weekend edition of Business Chic, we feature the stylin of Team Thelma. Our friends at Thelma magazine* are holding a fundraiser for those affected by the Queensland floods at 1000 £ bend; … [Read more...]

The fix that we are in

Dear Business Chicizen, welcome to the first post of the year but oh my - what a fix we are in! For those who haven't heard, la niña has brought heavy rains to our lands meaning that I have not had … [Read more...]

Man with the luscious mo’

So it rained most of the weekend here in Melbourne; it's not only our gardens that are looking lush! Dearest Business Chicizen, it's the last Monday in Movember and here's our final mo' bro in the … [Read more...]

Man with the seedy mo’

Today's Business Chic featuree is the second in our collection of three bros with mo's. Andrew has been keeping a wonderful blog on the progress of his self-described seedy mo'. I'm particularly fond … [Read more...]

Man with the handlebar mo’

Today, we feature a gentleman in Contemporary Business Wear sporting a serious handlebar moustache for the great cause that is Movember. This cause sees bro's growing mo's over the month of November … [Read more...]


Q: "#GoNiftyGo is catchy- but ?!" A:  Neville is a role model for a new generation of workers who are looking to make work and life, balance. Have you seen the film Mr. Holland's Opus? The story … [Read more...]

Will you walk on by? #GoNiftyGo

Please tweet #GoNiftyGo to help me get a sponsor for my colleague who is a footy umpire on the weekends. At the ripe young age of 66, Nifty (Neville) will soon be celebrating his 750th game as a footy … [Read more...]

#Go Nifty Go !

Dear Readers, Watch this space - I am working on making BusinessChic dedicated to just that.  I will be moving my creative posts (thank you for enduring!) to a new On the Side page which means that … [Read more...]

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