Dreams don’t work…

Dearest BusiChic, So after the longest break, I've been back for a bit only to realise something... Remember how I said that I thought it would be interesting to keep posting while I continue to … [Read more...]

Who’s Open Over The Easter Weekend II

We hope that everyone is having  a great Easter Weekend! Now that we've rested, we're hungry and keen for a browse of the shops, but what is open? Broadsheet have published their list of Who's Open … [Read more...]

A gratuitous plug for THE ACEFANTASTIC

Update: The new name for this venture is THE ACEFANTASTIC! Please replace all instances of "Three Chics" with, THE ACEFANTASTIC! We hope you join the ride on Twitter | Facebook | YouTube ! NB: … [Read more...]

..pas chic, c’est D90’s !

Es tut mir sehr leid, aber ich habe noch kein Zeit, um ein normales Eintrag, zu machen... Sorry folks, big night on D90's where we filmed segments for three episodes in the one night (we usually only … [Read more...]

And around we go!

Well! I hope Sunday's madcap weather encouraged you to seek solace in the great indoors and rest up before commencing the first full-working-week in a while... and before the collective groaning … [Read more...]

Oh what a beautiful morning.. (updated with pics)

..sings the lovely Lisa Mitchell on the first track (of the same title) of her debut album 'Wonder', one of my favourite albums of last year and recipient of the Australian Music Prize awarded just … [Read more...]

Destination 90s (Channel 31)

Because when I'm not working full-time as a Senior Internal Auditor.. or photographing, writing and publishing for BusinessChic.. I'm working a sweet little gig presenting a short segment called "90s … [Read more...]

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