Grey, lime green, peach, navy and tan in a business suit

Just another Japanese man rocking his workwear consisting of a brave combination of pinstripes and bold colour - check out the lime green tie! Back home in Australia I've seen guys try … [Read more...]

The business chic couple, Shibuya

His pin-stripes and glasses, her skirt; both their sharp hair styles and work bags- lots to love in this business chic couple. … [Read more...]

Transparent umbrella and bicycle, Tokyo

Compared with my home-country of Australia, Japan is an incredibly bike-friendly city. Every where we went, we saw cyclers of all ages sharing foot-paths and roads, interchangeably, with … [Read more...]

White skirt, Shibuya

Want to wear a white skirt to work? Take inspiration from today's business chic woman whom I photographed in Shibuya, Japan. Her white skirt and shoes are made kawaii (meaning "cute") by … [Read more...]

Camouflage jacket, Shibuya

It has occurred to me that perhaps I should simply start sharing the street style photos I took during my honeymoon in Japan. This busichic gentleman got me thinking about the jackets that can … [Read more...]

Claire Mueller of Harbour Master

When I was in Perth recently, I had the distinct pleasure of finally meeting Claire Mueller of the Harbour Master blog. Creative Smart Casual Claire is a wonderful fashion blogger and commentator. I … [Read more...]

The Design Files Open House – the outfits post

    Happy Monday, BusiChics! Did you make it over to The Design Files Open House over the weekend? I took my own advice and visited the house a few more times since my earlier post on … [Read more...]

Lilli Pascuzzi of Frocks and Frou Frou

I'm currently exploring the extent to which I can streamline my workwear and "play" wardrobes because ultimately I'd rather spend a little bit more on fewer pieces that I LOVE and will thus get lots … [Read more...]

Pearls and all of the polka dots

Greetings BusiChic! Did you have a good weekend? I managed to make it to the wonderful Semi Permanent conference on Saturday. It was a great line-up of creatives talking about the evolution of … [Read more...]

Glamour: from the race track to the office

Spring in Melbourne means the Spring Racing Carnival where ladies and gents alike get dressed in their finest and go have a punt on the horses. It is a fun time for socialising and networking with … [Read more...]

Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls calligraphy class at The School

Why take a lesson in the art of calligraphy in this day and age of typing and texting? Well I don't know about you, BusiChic, but I like writing with a pen. Scrawling with a Sharpie is one of my … [Read more...]

Making time for conversation at work

Mondays for me are about conversation with people in the office. It's about sharing what we got up to over the weekend which can lead to finding a common interest or two  or similarly, the lack … [Read more...]

Samantha Choudhury of Samah Designs

Regular BusiChics may recall the Samah Designs Zellije Moroccan Star Earrings that I am obsessed with. Well I caught up with the talented lady behind Samah Designs who works by day in local government … [Read more...]

Week 44: Little Black Dress gets inspired to go French at work

In Week 44 of the Little Black Dress Project (my challenge to wear a differently styled LBD to work, once a week for the whole year), I look to the French for inspiration! et voila! A striped top from … [Read more...]

Week 41: LBD and the short sleeve blouse from Chitra’s Closet

In Week 41 of the LBD Project, I seek out a short-sleeved blouse from Melbourne designer Chitra Mangma of Chitra's Closet. Independent fashion designer Chitra Mangma has had her own label for seven … [Read more...]

A suit on a bike: Melbourne Bike Share En Masse 2012

Hi there BusiChic, Some of you will be familiar with my personal interest in cycling. I very sadly missed the Melbourne Tweed Ride that was held over the weekend because I was moving house. However … [Read more...]

Week 40: LBD Project goes to the Zoo

In Week 40 of the LBD Project, I accessorise using clothing I had in the back of my car which goes to show that it's useful to keep clothes on-hand for changes in the weather! And I go to Melbourne … [Read more...]

Stopping to smell the roses

Dearest BusiChic, I hope that you are well! Do you ever stop and smell the roses? Do you remember to take a break? I think that these are really important things to do in order to keep … [Read more...]

The Shirtmaker

Greetings BusiChic! If you are based in Melbourne like I am, I hope that you've had a fabulous long Cup weekend! I went away myself and have just realised that Monday's post did not go up; so thank … [Read more...]

Discover Maling Road, Canterbury

Dearest BusiChic, Happy Friday! To my fellow-Melburnians - are you taking Monday off? Happy CUP Weekend! Today's post is work style inspiration, an idea of where to get gifts for the upcoming … [Read more...]

Week 36: LBD and the vase brooch

Regular BusiChics will know that I love flowers. In week 36 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I work out how to wear them to work in a novel way! Are you in Melbourne? Have you visited Lord … [Read more...]

Style Review with Cindy Newstead

Greetings BusiChic, I was recently invited to Style Review - a runway show that personal stylist, Cindy Newstead, presents to show her work transforming wardrobes to create up-to-date and … [Read more...]

Week 35: LBD goes to the Sommeliers’ Ball

In week 35 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I find myself at the Sommelier's Ball where the theme was Masquerade. here's how I accessorised quick-bang! Happy Friday, BusiChic! It's that … [Read more...]

How to ride to work and look chic

Greetings BusiChic, Today is the official Ride2Work day! To celebrate here, I thought that it was only fair to share a stylish look for ladies who might be inspired to ride to work. Take a look at … [Read more...]

The Bike Gallery, Camberwell

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to Monday! I was considering doing a post about Mondayitis and sharing all of the motivational images I've been collecting only to figure that you've probably seen them … [Read more...]

NEW side project: Busi Chic Delight!

Dearest BusiChic, Happy Sunday! Yes, having made plans to blog my business streetstyle photos three days a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday), I've now got some brain space to pursue other … [Read more...]

Product review: Airhead for the cyclist who doesn’t want helmet hair!

Greetings BusiChic! Want to ride your bike to work but worried you'll get a dose of the dreaded helmet hair? Welcome to a weekend post that is sponsored by our friends at CycleStyle! Joyce … [Read more...]

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