Week 37: LBD inspired by bloggers & Rosie the Riveter!

In Week 37 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I'm inspired by can-do women of yester-year and today!   Greetings BusiChic! I’ve featured, met and generally been inspired by some … [Read more...]

Style Review with Cindy Newstead

Greetings BusiChic, I was recently invited to Style Review - a runway show that personal stylist, Cindy Newstead, presents to show her work transforming wardrobes to create up-to-date and … [Read more...]

Man in suit, wears hat.

Greetings BusiChic, The weather is getting warmer and sunnier here in Melbourne; hurrah! Which is why I much appreciate Tyler who allowed me to photograph what I've categorised as Polished and … [Read more...]

What expecting women can wear to work in Spring/Summer

Dearest BusiChic, My apologies that today's post comes late but it's because at the last minute I decided to present my favourite work-appropriate pieces from Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW) … [Read more...]

Do I have to wear a tie to work?

Greetings BusiChic, Today's workwear streetstyle look reminded me of a question that I'm often asked by my styling clients that goes something like this: "I work in Finance/Real Estate/ Accounting … [Read more...]

Week 14: LBD with Man-style blazer

It’s Week 14 of the BusiChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I’m wearing a LBD to work once a week for the whole year to share 52 different ways of styling this staple for the office. This … [Read more...]

Week 13: LBD and the statement necklace

It’s Week 13 of the BusiChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project where I’m wearing a LBD to work once a week for the whole year to share 52 different ways of styling this staple for the office. This … [Read more...]

Business man wears an Akubra

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to a new working week - I hope that you're refreshed and ready for some business chic inspiration! Today's post is not supposed to be an advert for Akubra but you … [Read more...]

Streetstyle at LMFF: Business Woman in a Print Skirt

Print. I still remember the first report I ever wrote at work and the excitement of seeing it bound and in print. True story. My penchant for print extends past words and into the type found in … [Read more...]

Streetstyle at LMFF: In full colour

How do you feel about colour, BusiChic? Today's BusiChic is colour fantastic with not a skerrick of Melbourne's safety shade of black - I know that I'm inspired, what do you think? I … [Read more...]

Streetstyle at LMFF: classic black & white plus

Good morning BusiChic, Welcome to a brand new week of workwear inspiration! This week I'll be sharing the work-appropriate looks that I spied during L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (LMFF) … [Read more...]

Walk to work in all of the sneakers

I was telling a friend over the weekend about how I've bought a sneaker colouring book. It's a book full of illustrations of designer sneakers. My plan is to ask the children of my friends to colour … [Read more...]

The fabulousness of a great work dress

A great work dress for me is a frock that feels professional and polished when in the office and chic enough for heading straight out for drinks after work. An importnat factor is that said frock … [Read more...]

Cut of the cotton

It's Coffee Tuesday on BusiChic where I feature a stylish worker carrying a cup of coffee! Today's featuree told me that most of her ensemble comes from various op-shops; how's that for … [Read more...]

Week 7: LBD and a light-weight trench

In Week 7 of the Business Chic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project I add a light-weight trench to keep summer rains off my LBD. So what do you do when you're ducking out for a coffee as it starts to … [Read more...]

Summer and Fringe Food at My Mexican Cousin

My boss assures me that the weather will start heating up towards the end of next week or at least the week after and I can vouch that he is a reliable alternate source for when I don't have time to … [Read more...]

Coffee and the Corporate

Mmm coffee. Personally I love the stuff but think that I need to stop drinking it or start on decaf as I've noticed that caffeine makes me rather jumpy! How do you take your coffee? Today's … [Read more...]

Week 5: The Sweater Guard

It's Week 5 of the BusinessChic Little Black Dress (LBD) Project (#BusiChic #LBDproject for those of you following on Twitter) and I'm turning my attention to old school sweater guards. Dearest … [Read more...]

Yes Miss

Gosh, ever since I started the BusiChic Black Dress project myself, I've come across a lot of chic little black dresses (LBDs) for work! Were any of your own teachers as chic as the BusiChic … [Read more...]

A turn at the train crossing

BusinessChic - does the daily dose of workwear inspiration work as well without my usual comments on the little details that catch my eye? I'm experimenting with some new platforms to improve … [Read more...]

His & Hers

Happy Monday, BusiChic! I'm off on a wee holiday at the end of this week so I'm not going to get too down on the fact that a whole lot of folks I've photographed have not gotten back to me with the … [Read more...]

Week 4: Little Black Dress (LBD) and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

It's week 4 of the BusiChic Black Dress Project and I'm looking to Audrey Hepburn for some sun-smart chic as I accessorise my Bento Ruby Little Black Dress (LBD) with a hat kindly loaned to me by … [Read more...]

Clash of the vibrant prints

It's Friday and what better day then to share these images of a Creative sporting strong prints, a classic blazer and a pocket square?     Smart Casual folks may wish to … [Read more...]

Summer in a chic dress

Hey BusiChic, How are you doing today? At the time I'm writing this, it's been a pretty hot day here in Melbourne. I photographed today's BusiChic who I thought was doing a great job making her way … [Read more...]

Some bright shirt

Shirts. So I 'fessed up recently that I'm personally not the biggest wearer of shirts however I still love the look and it is a work wardrobe staple. Last year we had giveaways from some fab purveyors … [Read more...]

Coffee to go

When I first started BusinessChic, I envisaged lots of things. One of the things was to tie in my interest in food with the website by having a "chalkboard" of sorts up on the blog where I'd advertise … [Read more...]

Week 3: LBD & the Art of Furoshiki

It's week 3 of the BusiChic Black Dress Project and I accessorise my Bento Ruby Little Black Dress (LBD) with a colourful and multi-functional lightweight scarf and handbag. It's the height of … [Read more...]

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