My Style: Back to work

Greetings BusiChics, It's been a while since I last blogged but I am excited to share that I'll be posting regularly again soon because... I am back in corporate-land! Back in the office, back in a … [Read more...]

My style: 3 ways to style a skirt for Fashion Week

I feel like the office skirt is often overlooked. Sure it is incredibly frustrating that many styles - particularly the classic pencil cut - don't come with pockets - but they are a truly versatile … [Read more...]

Why we moved to New Zealand

If you had told me three years ago that in three years time I would be married, have quit the corporate job for the freelance life and moved to New Zealand - I think I'd tell you it sounded like a … [Read more...]

My Style: Hell’s Gate and back

Greetings BusiChic! Are you the kind of person who gets sh*t done without making too much fuss? Only to find that in the process you put up with a lot of sh*t and drama from others? It's … [Read more...]

My Style: à la Raf

Happy Friday, BusiChics! What are you getting up to? If you are thinking about heading to the movies, I c highly recommend Dior and I, a fashion documentary about Raf Simmon's first collection … [Read more...]

My style: Discovery

A bit of a personal diary post as I'm finally here in Auckland, New Zealand and it's been my first full week on the ground. While I've been caught off-guard by the effects of jetlag (who knew a … [Read more...]

My style: white shirt, knitwear and pencil skirt

Greetings BusiChics, At the start of the week I told you about how inspired I was by the layered looks that I've photographed on the streets of Melbourne recently. Well it has been PROPER chilly so … [Read more...]

My Style: Who’s the boss?

Hey there, BusiChic! What a crazy week it's been. I don't want to re-hash all of the details (it's pretty well documented on my instagram) but I had a run-in with a local business this week that led … [Read more...]

My style: Oncewas dress worn three ways

Have a number of work and play events to go to and want a clever garment that you can dress up and down? Today we take a look at a piece that has won me over with its multi-functional … [Read more...]

My style: Up and Go

Are you a morning person? I am most certainly not and while I enjoy digging into something decadent and delicious for brunch on the weekend, during the week I need quick and easy to fuel the start of … [Read more...]

My style: Raggatt Cape Top

We have reached the end of the first week of Autumn and are in the midst of a whole bunch of sales! Still looking for a sale to click through? One of the best is on now - ShopBop … [Read more...]

My style: Pastel and prints

As much as I can appreciate the cleanliness of a minimal palette, my natural inclination is to wear print and quite frankly; the more the merrier! I missed out on showing the heel of my … [Read more...]

PauseFest 2015

So for those who don't know, one of the things that I most like doing is helping people make their events happen. If you have ever had an event where you've thought - "I need to clone myself so that I … [Read more...]

My style: Navy and silver

It's been another week of getting here there and everywhere - 2015 is well and truly underway! The weather's been all over the shop too - wintry one moment then warm and humid the next - what's a … [Read more...]

My Style: New Staples

I've been shopping! After using these principles to cull my wardrobe, I realised that I needed some new staples that would add a formal element to my outfits without feeling too stuffy. My … [Read more...]

My style: summer casual in pinstripe shorts

Oh boy have we had some wild weather in Melbourne this week! Take Thursday for example when 32 degree sunny weather was broken with lashings of a fierce and heavy rainstorm that battered throughout … [Read more...]

One thousand posts

A quietly festive post today as we clock in our 1000th post during the madness of the festive season! A wise man by the name of Lau-tzu is credited with the saying, "a journey of a thousand miles … [Read more...]

A week in my shoes with Clarks Australia

This past week Clarks Australia presented me with a little challenge: to spend a week in their  Cedar Grove style shoe. I love a challenge and worked hard to bring seven different looks showing how … [Read more...]

Grooming tips: Get ready for the work party season!

Greetings BusiChic! It's five more weeks until Christmas so I'm taking a look at how we can get ready for the upcoming party season! How does your workplace celebrate Christmas or the end of the … [Read more...]

Work wardrobe staples that are a little brit different!

Greetings BusiChic! We've had a few rather fashion-trend-led looks on the blog of late so now it's back to looking at classic, timeless workwear. Now long-time readers will know how much I … [Read more...]

Smart Casual in Chambray

Greetings BusiChic, It's coming up to a year since I left corporate to pursue life as a personal stylist, photographer and blogger and life is going pretty well. My personal style has changed a … [Read more...]

What I wore: the trouble with skirts

I don't know about you but I am partial to a bit of skirt action in the office. Skirts are a versatile separate and come sunny weather, often a more comfortable alternative to pants. In comparison … [Read more...]

What I Wore: Desk-to-Sun fun

This post is inspired by Monday's DIVINE weather when I had the chance to pop out and bask in the sun's rays and get some Vitamin D in my lunch break. That said by the time this post is published, … [Read more...]

What I Wore: Stripes

New York Fashion Week 2014 just wrapped up last week which meant that I got to enjoy checking out the latest looks on the runway via the excellent app. One of the reasons why I enjoy … [Read more...]

What I Wore: MSFW Day 2

Hey there BusiChics, What's news with you? Last week during MSFW I took an hour out to get a hair cut so here is a look at my new 'do! My new hair 'do- graduated bob (shorter at the back and … [Read more...]

What I wore: MSFW Day 1

In case you missed the memo, this week is Melbourne Spring Fashion Week (MSFW). It's my first MSFW as a full-time blogger and it's been wonderful having the time - not only catch lunch-time … [Read more...]

“So you want to be a fashion blogger?” event for Round She Goes Market – Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

  "So you want to be a fashion blogger?" event for Round She Goes Market - Melbourne Spring Fashion Week And I mentioned it at the start of the week but I can finally announce that I will … [Read more...]

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