Corporate style and the Pride tree

One of the things that I most love about my co-working space is being surrounded by self-starters and their work. People who have a passion and are firing ahead, guns ablazing to get their projects … [Read more...]

Celebrity style: David Beckham, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

This week, David Beckham attended a photocall at Google HQ in London to celebrate 10 years as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador and announce the creation of 7: The David Beckham UNICEF Fund to protect … [Read more...]

Street style: The Summer Shift

I'm currently fixated upon finding the perfect work dress - follow my efforts on the dedicated Business Chic Dress Pinterest board. Currently "perfection" for me will come in the form of a number with … [Read more...]

The best thing about getting back to work

Greetings BusiChic, Welcome to 2015! I hope that you had a restful break and are ready for a fabulous new year of getting sh$t done. I for one am very excited that it's back-to-work week as it … [Read more...]

MSFW Street Style: Desk to fashion show chic

Today's BusiChic is a great example of how varied dresscodes within a workplace can be. Esther is a Civil Project Engineer working in the Construction industry. She describes her workplace dress … [Read more...]

Why it’s important to have good posture…

Heading into an interview? Have a boss, colleagues or a new client you would like to impress? One of the first things anyone will notice about you is something that you need to cultivate rather … [Read more...]

The wait | Ometesando

Classic outfits paired with great hair - how stylish are these business chic workers I spied on the streets of Ometesando in Tokyo?! … [Read more...]

The business chic couple, Shibuya

His pin-stripes and glasses, her skirt; both their sharp hair styles and work bags- lots to love in this business chic couple. … [Read more...]

Business Chic in Summer

Greetings BusiChic, so it's not quite summer yet but it's a fabulous 32 degrees celcius in Melbourne today which means that we have days quite like it! Where better to get ideas on what to wear to the … [Read more...]

Making time for conversation at work

Mondays for me are about conversation with people in the office. It's about sharing what we got up to over the weekend which can lead to finding a common interest or two  or similarly, the lack … [Read more...]

The business fashion of Julia Gillard: Australia’s first female prime minister

  Growing up as a child in the ‘90s, I recall watching a news story where the Prime Minister’s wife, Annita Keating, was talking about Australian fashion designers and clothes that she would … [Read more...]

The slimline and racy

I recently mentioned that my brother is the one who got me interested in blogging because I enjoyed his cycling blog. Turns out he closed down i feel like a little kid (when i ride my bike) just … [Read more...]

Sartorial on the streets of Melbourne

So The Sartorialist, Scott Schumann, has a new book out. Or should I say, "books"? I remember coming across The Sartorialist for the first time. Working back late in my office cubicle, I can … [Read more...]

Tie in the love for tennis

Sport. After spending the day at one's desk with minimal movement, there are few things I appreciate more than escaping by watching Wimbledon (commiserations, Murray!) or following the Tour de France. … [Read more...]

Week 22: LBD shops This is Not a Mall

In week 22 of the LBD Project I take a look at online purveyor, This is Not a Mall, where I find a budget-friendly crochet & velvet collar to accessorise my workwear. A question that I get … [Read more...]

Walk the park

So dear BusiChic, it's Monday. Let's start the week fresh with a walk in the park with BusiChic Tom. Feeling foggy? Well let's take a closer look at the detail Tom's used to create a polished … [Read more...]

Father and Son

A strong start to the week with this father and son duo who I snapped one fine Melbourne evening. Father is in Smart Casual while son is in Corporate. I was cycling past when I had to pull over to … [Read more...]

[Fashion] Editor style: The Australian

Dearest BusiChic, Melburnians are enjoying a public holiday today, of which I will be spending the early hours cycling in the Moomba parade (more on that later)! Nonetheless, the rest of Australia … [Read more...]

Coffee and the Corporate

Mmm coffee. Personally I love the stuff but think that I need to stop drinking it or start on decaf as I've noticed that caffeine makes me rather jumpy! How do you take your coffee? Today's … [Read more...]

Some bright shirt

Shirts. So I 'fessed up recently that I'm personally not the biggest wearer of shirts however I still love the look and it is a work wardrobe staple. Last year we had giveaways from some fab purveyors … [Read more...]

A Lighter Shade for Summer

I came across today's Corporate BusiChic on a crowded tram and when he jumped off at the same stop, well I thought, I simply had to try photograph his tailored business suit! I wish that I'd … [Read more...]

The combination

Once a gentleman has selected the cut, colour and fabric of his suit all that is left is to work out optimal combinations of shirt, tie, belt, cufflinks, socks, shoes and manbag/satchel. Richard … [Read more...]

Bank on this

Check out the latest episode of BusinessChicTV!   When I photograph for Business Chic it sometimes happens that I find the perfect background before I've spotted the work style … [Read more...]

The strangers you know

We start off this week with the Corporate style of lawyer, Mikkeli. Mikkeli wears: Black Suit – DDM (from Korea) Brown Belt – Guess Shirt – tailor-made in Korea Green Tie & Cuff links – … [Read more...]

Suit in the sunshine

I think I recently mentioned that I usually try to blog work inspiration that is in-line with the day's weather forecast for Melbourne. However truth be told that grey days get me down so here is some … [Read more...]

Keeping it simple and smart

Today's Corporate suit demonstrates that when in doubt (or short on time!), keep it simple and smart. I think that taking the time to track down a basic but smart suit that fits well and … [Read more...]

Two pieces that make a statement

We start off this week of Business Chic with that classic two piece ensemble that workers can use to make a positive statement: the suit. While three pieces are a feasible option, two pieces are … [Read more...]

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